Hey Austin Dopers...time for another Batdope!

Hey Gang! Well, there’s a little bad news in the Pit that seems to indicate our buddy Lightnin’ is going to be movin’ on, and I mean really soon. But the great thing about Austin is it’s a town of fast thinkers, so let’s try and get something together to wish him a fond farethewell and a kick in the ass.

Personally, I’d like to hold it on one of the next two Sundays because, well, that’s when I can attend (I’ve got a new stupid work schedule that has me working Saturday evenings at five :(), but seeing as how it’s Lightnin’s send off, let’s him decide. And the place, too. But for those of you who think you can get in town in the next two weeks (or for those of you that are here and feel like you can attend), and give some suggestions and we’ll see what we can do.