Austin Powers' most babe-a-licious co-star!

Hey, I realize this is hard to choose – kinda like asking a kid to pick his favorite candy.

There’s Elizabeth Hurley with her “tasteful nudity” in the final scene. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s only a little spoiled by the knowledge that the sequel will reveal her to be a fem-bot.

And Heather Graham, who was naked in Boogie Nights! mwrrrRRRRAOWWWLLllllll

Kristen Johnson, I’m more ambivalent about. She appeals to a certain type…like aliens. Not bad though.

But my vote goes to the evil babe from the first movie: Alotta Cleavage!:slight_smile:

I wish I could find out which actress played her, and what other movies she’s been in…hopefully she’s been naked in one of them…

You must have meant:

Alotta Fagina

Heather Graham, definitely. She doesn’t realize it but she’s Vitamin JB12 deficient. I prescribe a megadose.

One vote here for Elizabeth Hurley.

Yeah, baby, YEAH!

Heather Graham. No doubt in my mind at all. She is such a hottie.

I guess Alotta Fagina must have been her name in the theatrical release version. On TV it was Alotta Cleavage.

Anyway, I found out the actress’s name is Fabiana Udenio, born in Argentina (just like another beautiful actress, Olivia Hussey), crowned Miss Italy at age 14, lives in Los Angeles…and she’s 36! She’s actually older than me, and I can’t believe it! Shades of Sophia Loren! Do Italian women stay young longer, or what? I am MOVING!!!

Even more amazing: this stunningly beautiful woman, star of screen and television (speaking roles), has absolutely NO FANSITES devoted to her at all!

Now, that is unjust. You can find fake nudie pics of Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt all over the Web, but not even one, real or fake, of a truly beautiful grown-up woman!

I mean, c’mon….she was in Hardbodies 2, there must be some!

tclouie, did you see the link I posted there for you? My feelings is all hurt.

Dude, I followed your link, that’s how I found out her name!

And I’m serious, there are almost no pix of this babe on the Net!