Celebrities who you always wished you could see naked, who eventually go naked....

For me it was Elizabeth Berkley, who I used to watch on “Saved By the Bell”. It seemed that there was no way she’d ever do a nude scene. A few years later, voila!, “Showgirls”.

Next would be Phoebe Cates, of who I first saw a pictorial when I was an early teen. Next thing you know, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

I’m not sure if this belongs in IMHO.

The first person who came to mind for me was Joan Severance (this is to a picture Gallery - you can see her in a clothed pose that is work safe from this link, but there may be further links to some nudes…) - a b-level actress who did work in the TV Show Wiseguys and a few movies. Stunningly beautiful - just perfection. And then she did a Playboy spread and basically confirmed every fantasy of mine…wow.

Diane Parkinson

Charisma Carpenter.

[Prof. Farnsworth]
Oh my, yes.
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Anne Hathaway, from The Princess Diaries, is supposedly going to be starkers in a new verite-esque flick from Barbara Kopple, the premier documentarian (*Harlan County U.S.A., Oscar-winner American Dream) who is moving into feature-fiction filmmaking. Title is Havoc, I believe. It’s not supposed to be sexy nudity, though; I understand it’s about Latin gangs in L.A. and the sex is apparently grimy and rough and depressing. I guess if you’re going to make the leap, you’ve got to do it in a “serious” movie, or something.

Well, ever since I saw Britney exploit the whole schoolgirl fetish thing in her first video, I’ve predicted that “it’s just a matter of time till the girl makes a porno.” And she’s right on track, too…

Now, even better than the OP’s situation, is “discovering” an actress and then finding out that a body of work that includes buff scenes already exists.

Like Julianne Moore, for instance.

Along those lines, I was surprised to learn that Lysette Anthony the actress who played the kidnapped princess in Krull went on to a career in erotic thrillers in which she got naked a lot. She had the most startlingly beautiful eyes, and still did when she was getting nekkid. Glad I found out about her.
(Note – some of the pics on the gallery link are not work safe, though the page I’ve directed you to is.)

Too true. Nobody was happier than I was hearing that the girl was getting married to some dodgy backup dancer.

Just looking at the guy, I can tell he’s already plotting how to position a camera behind a one-way mirror for their wedding night.

I think I can speak for the gay male and straight female population when I say Brad Pitt

Not only is he a fine actor, but that body is smokin’!

Julie Andrews. S.O.B.

Katie Holmes in The Gift was quite nice. :smiley:

I was also pleasantly surprised and pleased with Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary.

Neve Campbell.

And supposed she will soon…


Cindy Crawford. Growing up, she was one of the first women I ever had a crush on, alongside Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and I always hoped one or both of them would eventually do a nude scene or pictorial and Crawford did sometime when I was a teen. When I found out, I think I became a man instantly.

I’m still waiting on Tiffani. :frowning:

Natalie Portman said on Letterman that she has a movie coming out this December in which she plays a stripper. No word on her personal nudity there, but hey, it sounds good!

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0268199/ :smiley:

Downtown Julie Brown.

I remember seeing Rosanna Arquette making her film debut in the movie SOB and thinking what an attractive young woman she was. Then two minutes later she took off her shirt.

Hey, nobody said there had to be a prolonged period between the wish and its fulfillment.

I swear, sometimes you guys don’t seem like you even TRY!

Thanks to your friendly neighborhood paparazzi, [ LINK DISABLED BY MODERATOR – CKDH ]


(not work safe…although not technically topless, there is a nipple here and there.)

I’ve seen most of those and while I truly appreciate them as the works of art they are, they’re just enough to drive me crazy but not satisfy. Tease.