Australia vs RSA (Cricket)

The second game of the ODI series is on tonight. Any interest from anyone?** Grim** around anywhere?

Present! :slight_smile:

Having just spent the morning watching the RWC final, I shan’t be able to catch as much of the cricket as I might choose, but will definately be keeping an eye on it, although without too many expectations, ths Proteas have looked VERY rusty in the games so far…

Whose the Proteas skipper?

Good question :slight_smile:

AB de Villiers is supposed to be the captain of the one-day team, but he was injured for the T20 games so Hashim Amla was captain for those and I think he has continued into the 50-over format. I didn’t watch the first ODI, so I can’t be certain of that…

Edit: Cricinfo lists Hashim as captain - Match Preview - South Africa vs Australia, Australia tour of South Africa 2011/12, 2nd ODI |

Oy Vey!! Amla out first ball…


I’ve just spent Sat morning for 60 overs of day 2 for my sons u16 team that I coach, Sat afternoon for 60 overs in the grade team I play with and on Sun afternoon a T20 game for my daughter’s team.

So I like my cricket, but if there wasn’t another ODI played, I doubt I’d notice it gone.

Amla was the skipper. I didn’t even know that Smith had stepped down.

Grim, the Australians are looking extremely rusty nor the Proteas. Even given a fast outfield, the bits I have seen have made the batsmen look like Bradman reincarnated.

Is anyone selecting the Australian team anymore? An incomprehensible mix seems to turn up. What is Steve Smith doing? Is he a batsman or a bowler? Doherty shouldn’t be playing Shield cricket.

And Johnson has bowled his normal quota of crap.

Actually, I’m not convinced Australia has any seamers who can do anything with the ball.

Well the St Georges pitch is renowned for being flat and unresponsive, so don’t judge anyone until both teams have batted.

300+ is a decent score, but they will have to bowl well to defend it…