Australian Court Case over Transexual Marriage.

While the Australian Federal Government may yet appeal the High Court’s decision, the fact that there’s a decision in their favour in the first place is very heart-warming, IMO.

Kevin and Jenifer’s marriage is under attack because Kevin was born a female. The High Court decided that the gender at the time of marriage was more relevant than the gender at the time of birth. While I still fail to see why gender or the government have anything to do with marriage, this at least feels like a step in a more tolerant direction.

Here’s hoping the whole charade is fixed by a summary declaration that gender is totally irrelevant to marriage, allowing same-sex marriage as well as transexual marriages. I’m not expecting much, as our judges are reknown for being out of touch, but I can hope.

Just wanted to share, as it made me that bit happier to think we might actually be getting somewhere. One day.

Hooray for Australia. Please ship some of your common sense over here.