Florida Transsexual Dad Wins Child Custody

Florida Transsexual Dad Wins Child Custody

Good for the judge!
“These children are innocent and have been intentionally drawn into this adult conflict over transsexualism”

Way for the ex-wife to be spiteful - she married the man, then when it suited her purpose, decided that he was not a man, but still a woman. Way to be an adult there.

It’s nice to see a ruling like this.

It’s nice to actually see something good in the news occasionally.

Phhh! It just goes to show you that for the man to get custody of the kids after a divorce, he has to turn himself into a woman.

always wanted to see a test case in one of these “no single sex unions” states where someone was born a man and became a woman, and then married someone who was born and still is a woman.

After all, born a man, always a man, right?

Remember too that he was the one screwing around outside of marriage.

Well, I certainly could slap him upside the head for that. But if that was the issue, it should have been the issue in the divorce.

I’m sure that it was an issue in the divorce. It’s just not newsworthy. I pointed it out to show one reason why the wife would have been bitter and vindictive.

Well, I say shame on both of them for not being able to deal with custody amicably. I don’t care how pissed you are, your kids need and deserve access to both parents.

IIRC, there are two Lesbians legally married in Texas, which has the “birth sex is permanent” rule. One was a M2F transgendered person who was attracted to women, but as a woman. Since she is legally male despite hormone treatments and surgery and her own inner view of herself, she can and did legally marry her lover.

Um, did you read the article? He was born a biological woman.

The fact that he got SOLE custody doesn’t speak very highly for his ex, either. (Rather than joint custody)

The full text of the rulling can be found here as a pdf file:

It was quite an interesting read, with his ex-wife behaving weirder and weirder.

Being ftm myself (female to male trans) you can be sure of how glad I was of the judge’s decision to recognize him legally male and for the custody :slight_smile:

You know, female-to-male transsexuals don’t seem nearly as common as the other way around… I know I have a few questions (some of which may be nosy), I sure others are curious, too.

Ever consider starting one of the “Ask the…” threads?

(Of course, if you’d rather not discuss personal issues I’m totally OK with that, too)

Yeah I admit I thought about it, though since I’m not the most typical ftm person (by being attracted mostly to guys, by living in a country where laws are vastly different than the USA when it comes to us transpeople, by being early in my physical transition) I would not like to give the impression that I’m a good representative of ftms, but I suppose I could direct people to a variety of links if I feel the scope of the question escapes me.

Otherwise I have absolutely no prob discussing it in details on the internet (my livejournal seems to have an overall tmi rating lol). It’s when perfect strangers walk up to me in the street and ask questions that I mind.