What the fuck?!? Are Idaho judges gay hating morons?


Removing a parent’s custody because they are with a same-sex partner?


The festering cretinous nastiness of this ruling should get the lawyer for the ex-wife, the ex-wife, and the judge horsewhipped in public.

I am in no way agreeing with the ex-wife or the judge’s ruling here, but I think this phrasing is very interesting. I suppose it could have been meant in quite a few ways, but one way to take it is that it’s not his actual behavior that makes him an “unfit parent” (and I don’t think it does) according to this woman (is she the ex-wife’s lawyer?), but rather that it is the social consequences of that behavior in a conservative environment (such as this town) that will negatively impact the children (ie, taunts from the kids at school, etc.) and make him an unfit parent. Although since only visitation rights are at stake, I don’t know that that really works.

Anyway, nevermind me, continue being outraged, justifiably, that one turn of phrase in the link just piqued my interest. She probably didn’t mean it at all in that way, maybe more of an “In our righteous, God-fearing town, such behavior is unacceptable” kind of way.

Theron? and his ex-wife was named Shawn? I’m off to the Male-Female baby names thread…

Here’s an interesting thought: perhaps the judge knows exactly what will happen and issued the ruling per the local law hoping that the case gets all the way to a court that can rule the local law unconstitutional.

Please Note-I have never, NEVER, cursed in a post before.

On To The Rant-
What the Fuck kind of close-minded bullshit is this?

The father said ‘I can’t live without my kids.’

what right does some bigoted, shit for brains, bastard of a judge have to rip out this mans heart just because he’s living with his lover?

This is sickening. I want to become physically violent.

How dare you?

Yes, dad lives with another man and they have sex.

He loves his children.

He loves them enough to fight for them.

How dare you say he’s not a fit father simply because he’s gay?
Why are you doing this?
It’s religion isn’t it?

Well, you walking abortion, let me tell you something-

You’re ripping apart a father and his children.

This is not the will of God.

Dad has committed no sin.

But you have.

You have made children suffer for your hatred.

You have mad innocent the victims of your prejudice.

and you have done this in His name.

He is not happy with you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t unique. I don’t have any figures in front of me, but there have been many cases where custody is denied to a parent because he or she has a same sex partner, as was briefly mentioned in the last paragraph.

It would be reassuring to view this judge as an anachronistic moron, out of touch with reality or current attitudes. While I wish that were true, I don’t think it is. Homosexual relationships, especially in small towns, are tainted, in the public mind, with the idea of sexual immorality and unbridled hedonism. I predict (and I hope I’m wrong), that this case won’t be successfully appealed, and that Mr. McGriff will be one more parent stripped of custody by a family court system that sees gay people as incipent sex fiends and pedophiles.

I have nothing but contempt for this woman and i hope the father wins.

I should think the biological parents have rights, unless they threaten the children’s well being. Just how old are these kids that dad’s sexuality is more damaging than removing dad from the equation?

This strikes me as an ass-backwards decision. Either the kids need a father, or they’re old enough to handle dad’s new sexuality.

Two points:

He’s getting visitation rights – that means the kids spend mere weekends with the gay couple. How the hell would this be harmful?!

Seondly, how does a father discover his newfound sexuality this late in the game. Is he 16? Was he gay when he married? Is this a ‘discovery’ or a ‘choice?’ Thoughts?

I supremely doubt that he discovered a newfound sexuality.

Generally, and this is from reading as well as a great deal of discussion with older gay men who were married and have children, they always knew they were gay.

The societal pressure to be straight, while pervasive in larger cities, is intense in small cities. The majority of men I have known who divorced because of their sexuality, always knew they were gay, but thought they could change with “the right woman.”

In all cases that I’ve seen, they loved their wives, but couldn’t stay because both of them had become miserable because of the secret and what it wrought.