Australian Crawl

This thread got me thinking about Australian Crawl.

When I first saw Seymour and Reyne, I was a Hunters fan, and didn’t know much about Australian Crawl (they were before my time, I guess). The majority of the audiences were obviously Reyne fans, though, and I got right into them.

Boys Light Up -

Oh no not you again -

Anyone else like them?

Outside of Australia?

A classic divide between my school friends. With almost homogenous pop tastes when we left high school for uni, those who went to Melbourne became immersed in AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. The Sydney push favoured Midnight Oil and Australian Crawl.

Personally I preferred Crawl live rather than recorded. At the Coogee Bay or Maroubra Seals or the other pub venues along the beach strip, although they accompanied plenty of great summer moments at BBQs around the pool.

I preferred The Masters Apprentices.

Different vintage and like comparing Chateau Mouton Rothschild with a cask of Shiraz.

Oh, I realised the vintage difference. I was trying to vaguely hint that Australian Crawl were a little beyond what I grew up with.

And I hope you mean the Apprentices were the Rothschild :slight_smile:

Sorry posted too soon.

I meant to say that Master Apprentices were one of the best bands in the world during the 60s and 70s. Australian Crawl were a serviceable Aussie band with a quirky singer/songwriter and some pretty obvious musical deficiencies. Mind you I do love James Reyne and have seen him solo quite a bit.

I met Jim Keays in my band managing/sound engineering days and asked him a question that had always puzzled me, “How come you knocked back the opportunity to open for the Rolling Stones on tour?” And he said, “We were the best band in the world at that time and we would have been booed off stage because that’s what audiences did back then. We would have blown the Stones off stage and I wasn’t going to put up with that.”

Seeing I have derailed this thread, I’ll add one more The Masters Apprentices

Apologies to Krav Manga.

And Don’t Ask- I agree- they were very good.