Australian Soaps

Here in the UK Home and Away and Neighbours are really popular with teenagers and university students (they are really big at universities-Karl Kennedy is held as a legend). I was wondering if they are shown in America? If not, why are they so popular in the UK and not America? Also, how popular are they in Australia?

I never understood quite how Neighbours was so popular, but I watched it every single day. This is going back to when Kylie and Jason were on it.

I don’t watch it any more. But I must have watched for a solid ten years or more.

How long ago was ‘Dr Chase’ on it?

Who is Dr Chase?!!

I watch just Home and Away now, Neighbours seems a bit plastic and so haven’t watched that for about 6months. I’ve been watching them both for about 10years.

Wiki has everything.

I don’t think Australia’s tastes reflect America. I recall I loved the Aussie soap “Prisoner” (called “Prisoner: Cell Block H” in America). It actually lasted in Chicago longer than most place, till the Sandy Edwards era where she was killed. But in most areas of the US “Prisoner” only got to 50 or 100 episodes

I’m American and I’ve seen both those shows while living in Australia. They bored me, but so do American soap operas. I can’t get into the story-lines and I hate the fact that there’s no finality.

I’m not certain that they are hugely popular here and I would never say they are Australia’s tastes. I think it is the UK market that sustains them- I would not have seen either in 20 years. (In saying that every second teenager may be watching them for all I know. I loathe soaps).

Home and Away seems to still be popular in AU, probably because it’s almost entirely centered around teenagers, and flamin’ mongrels, which the kids of today can relate to more than the wider age range of characters in Neighbours.

I say this having never watched either shows.

I once watched an episode of Neighbours under false circumstances. It was about 3 years ago and my son and I were holidaying together, turned on the TV and saw the credits of a very old episode of Neighbours with super young Kylie and Jason. We watched the whole episode and neither of them was in it for a second. Other than that I count them among the long list of Aussie shows that I have never watched.

Neighbours 1 episode (tricked)
Prisoner 0
Home and Away 0
McLeod’s Daughters 0
All Saints 1/2 an episode
Blue Heelers 0
City Homicide 1/4 of an episode x 2

Now if you had ever watched “Arcade” I would be impressed.

And lets not forget “Number 96” :smiley:

My wife and daughter are giant fans of this, gobbling up the DVDs from NetFlix. I think they’ve finished the sixth season, all they’ve issued in the US, which is where it should be named McCleod’s Second Cousins once removed. My daughter is now in Germany, where it seems to be inexplicably popular also.
They’re into it for the animals, and because it is an excellent way to make me move to the other side of the house.

hee hee… saw part of an episode of “neighbours” a few years ago… something about a bbq and some kid stole a bike from a cancer patient. if i’m remembering right the girl i was with at the time said she never watches this rubbish, but that the last time she did, seeral months ago the bbq was supposed to be “next week” and the time had not changed since.