Australians: was there a Port Arthur conspiracy?

Well, I’m not sure if conspiracy theories belong in this forum, but I believe we’ve debated the Kennedy assassination here before, so what the heck. Here’s the deal: today I came across a webpage titled The Port Arthur Conspiracy, which makes some pretty serious allegations about the shooting at Port Arthur in 1996.

In essence, as I read it, the author believes that the shooting may have been planned and executed by shadowy powers-that-be. He cites many strange occurrances before and after the shooting; some seem easily explainable, such as the lack of a motive (who needs a motive when you’re a total nutcase), but others I can’t so easily dismiss, such as why a region with a low murder rate (three or fewer per year) happened to have purchased a refrigerated truck capable of carrying 22 bodies just before the massacre, and sold the truck shortly thereafter.

So, being rather far-removed from the events in question, I’m asking the folks with better access to the news at the time: whadaya think? Is this guy less nutty than, as nutty as, or nuttier than a fruitcake?

Mate, the guy is a total ratbag.

The website you linked to does, with due respect, appear to belong to the pro-gun lobby. They, along with their arms-control counterparts, have an interest in providing shall we say, er… selective information.

Luckily, we have less of these incidents here in Australia than in the United States, but when they do happen, the usual political mileage is gained by all sides afterwards.

The Australian media has never seriously addressed the aspects raised at this website. I think it’s probably due to the fact that it’s so overtly political.

Martin Bryant is a lunatic. Simple.

“…media have…”

mea culpa mea culpa :wink:

So do you trust a Doper named after a short story involving an exploding puppy? Surely he’s part of the plot. I might have a poke around, but I wouldn’t be surprised if for example the “morgue truck” turned out to an ice-cream van. There is a debate on these issues going on at , but their search function is hopeless and the thread is 470 pages.

Of course there was a conspiracy. It would be utterly sane and rational for anti-gun politicians to arrange the massacre of gobs of people so that they could put in place anti-gun legislation. It’s just common sense. Because, you see, anti-gun politicians have a vested interest in enacting gun-control legislation – they don’t want people to be killed with guns.

BTW, the U.S. government blew up the building in Oklahoma City so as to have an excuse to crack down on militias. McVeigh claims he did it, but he is actually a government agent. On May 16th, through the use of special effects, it will appear that McVeigh has been executed, but in actuality, he will be spirited out of prison, given extensive plastic surgery, and sent to live out a life of luxury in the South Seas, as a reward for a job well done.

Oh, and as a precaution, the government will plant a chip in his head that will prevent him from spilling the beans.

I deplore this denigration of my country. Why shouldn’t Australians be capable of producing one lousy world class nutter?

If this thesis ever makes it outside the Hansonite - One Nation - League of Rights - Shooters Party - “we’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan” genre bulletins I’ll consider it on its merits … until then I’ll stay in my cozy state of denial.

BTW picmr, loved the ice-cream van bit!