Austrian? Bavarian? style of coat/jacket

When I lived in Vienna one of the traditional styles of dress for parties and such used this kind of great looking jacket with no/ little collar-- wool, usually. What is that kind of coat called? I think I’ve seen a similar sort used in Bavaria, but that style I think has lapels (with no collar, still) but I don’t think what I’m thinking of has lapels.

A Styrian jacket, by any chance?

Or something like the Styrian hunting jacket that Emperor Franz Joseph I wears here? Or a Salzburger Anzug?

The fabric is referred to as boiled wool, but I can’t remember the names of the styles. Here are some photos.

Now I remember, it’s called loden.

“Loden” is a kind of wool fabric (usually in that distinctive green) that has been woven, then boiled to felt it. I’ve seen the garment called a “Tyrolean jacket.”

Hmm. I think it’s more the Kaiser’s coat there than the Salzburger type-- there aren’t lapels, but I can’t see the front of Franz Joseph’s coat. The second woman down in the left row on RatatoskK’s link seems about right-- but for men. So Tirolean or Stierian. . . is it considered an old fashioned country thing? I’ve met some pretty sophisticated Viennese city guys wearing them to Sylvester balls and such. Maybe it had ironic value back in the 90s?

Ah, it’s like the lapel-less jackets on this page,
A fine looking style, I must say. But apparently with no particular name? Stehbrustjacke? Joppe? Are those too general (I’ve never heard Joppe before so I don’t know if this connotes something specific here)?

Some people wear this simply because it is considered traditional in their region but it also has strong conservative associations. e.g. the christian conservative Prime Minister of Bavaria frequently wears similar jackets, especially when he wants to look extra patriotic. (1)(2)(3)

Unfortunately I don’t know a general name for that type of jacket.
A “Joppe” is a jacket that doesn’t extend below the waist, especially one that is supposed to be worn at home, but not necessarily this style.