Auto Rain Guards - how to put them on

Has anyone ever put those aftermarket rain guards onto their car? I ordered some, but now I’m scared to install them myself.

Tips? Suggestions?

Don’t they have instructions?

Or check the manufacturer’s website.

I assume you’re talking about something like the WeatherTech side window deflectors and not mudflaps.

I’ve put the WeatherTech deflectors on all my cars for many years. There’s really not much to it; maybe a little scary bending a bit to snap them in but they are really very sturdy and I’ve never had a problem.

There are videos on the WeatherTech website showing ‘how to’. Other brands are probably much the same.

It’s great to be able to leave the windows cracked open a little when parked in hot weather.

If they are the type with peel off adhesive strips, be sure to clean the area with rubbing alcohol first to remove any wax from the surface first.