Autographed Cd -how to protect it

Last month I went to a Cracker concert and got it autographed by David Lowery and one Guitar player whose name I don’t remember at this time.

I still have it in the jewel case but usually keep all my cds in a big cd organizer, since a lot of my cases were fucked up anyway… what do i do to keep it in good condition? I took it out so i could rip it to mp3 but that’s been it.

I was also wanting to know if there was anything i could do to rip concert dvds to sound files. It would be great if I could put them on my mp3 player but I don’t know if it’s possible.

My budget is limited and sometimes I have to choose between the dvd or cd and sometimes the dvd wins.

You can use MPlayer to rip DVD audio to your favourite audio format. It’s Free Software and is also zero-cost. However, it’s a command-line utility; if you want a graphical user interface then maybe someone else could recommend one.

Note that ripping DVDs, even if it’s just for personal use, may or may not be legal, depending on your jurisdiction.

If you’re on a Mac you can rip the DVD to your hard drive with HandBrake, then open it with Garageband, then just delete the video track. From there you can break it up however you want.

I’d imagine there’s a similar solution in Windows but I wouldn’t know what it is.

As for the CD, I would simply recommend that you frame it and never play it again. Store it or hang it someplace out of direct sunlight. A basement would be a good place.

I suppose you could use a quick spray of clear coat on it but that’s probably unnecessary.

Winff (FFMpeg) lets you convert between all audio/video formats and is a free open-source program that will run on all systems. I’ve ripped video to mp3 lots of times.

I’m not using a Mac. I have a Dell and Mom’s computer is HP.

I’ve got a Crowded House shirt I’d like to frame and I could get a Cracker shirt and do the same thing with that and my cd. Didn’t think of clear coat because i wasn’t sure if i would damage the CD in the long run…

Thanks for the help, tried using Audacity but didn’t figure it out.