Automatic time zone adjustment?

I was told several years ago that there is freeware available that will automatically reset the time on my laptop, wherever I am in the world, just by going online. Allegedly, the software determines the location of the nearest server and resets the time clock so that if I travel from, say, my native Colorado to Omaha, my computer will automatically display Central Time as soon as I go online. Such software would be particularly valuable if (1) I wasn’t sure just what time zone I was in or (2) I was in one of those wierd places like Arizona that plays fast and loose with the Daylight Savings Time concept.

I’ve searched the Internet for hours and can’t find any such software, despite the fact that my cell phone automatically performs this function perfectly well. Was somebody putting me on, or does that software exist?

Not what you are looking for, but there is add-on to Firefox called FoxClocks, which allow you to display number of clocks configured for various places in Firefox statusbar / toolbar - including actual daylight saving times and such. So it would cover your problem (2). You’d have to manually set your location (which can be done easily by selecting city or region from drop-down menu), though.