Autopayments and what to do about them.

I have a friend who lives in Ireland. He got a service for swimming that sends him workouts based on what he wants to do. This service cost a good bit of money, $250 US.

After he bought this service he lost his job. Since he had already paid and you don’t get your money back he kept the service. Now though he hasn’t been able to get back to the pool and since he had a years worth of workouts he did not want the program any more. However, instead of saying anything, they automatically billed him. They told him that they have a policy of automatically renewing. Which they do, except it’s in very small print after you pay saying this:

I did not see a way out of the auto-rebill, and it’s not on their terms page. Is there any recourse that my friend can take? I have also noticed that the company is in Canada. He was offered a prorated refund, which I have suggested that he take, but I think he wants a full refund.

I kind of know what your friend has gone through (Danm Enzyte Bob :wally and his “free” sample :smack: ).

I got some ahem herbal suplements to improve my smile :smiley: and after paying 4.95 shipping for a free sample and I did not even use all of it. The next month I was billed 79.95 for a three month supply. My wife just got out of gastic bypass surgery and we needed the $$ for her meds. I had used a Debit Master card from my bank and the $$ had already been taken out. Long story short, I ended up having to bite the bullet and keep the ones they sent.

For a factual answer, there should be an opt-out clause in the contract but it usually has to be done before it is renewed. How much was the pro-rated amount? At least he can chalk it up to paying for experience. I know I did. :rolleyes:


Just checked your link bolding mine:

It looks like the subscription will need to be canceled before it renews.

Did you file a complaint with your bank and Master Card with all of the particulars.
You should be able to return the UNOPENED suplements for a refund less S&H.

He wanted the one year subscription and paid for that. He did not however know they were going to automatically renew for the next year and did not tell him, he only found out after he got his bill a month later. I am not sure if they told him though that they would re-bill him, though it does suggest it there, when he first signed up as he was told in an email they only recently started re-billing. He was told in the same email when he asked why he was charged, not before he got charged.

I called the bank and they had even stayed on the line while I went through my story for the third time. I work call center so I knew yelling and screaming would not get me anywhere. It also did not help that the had two different phone numbers (one for customer service that had nothing to do with billing more than likely two different call centers). Also they informed me that if I tried to return the product that they would just send it back to me :mad: . My bank informed me that I would have to settle the dispute with the company. As far as contacting MasterCard I did not know/or knew that you can contact them for disuputes when it is a Debit MasterCard. I had even offered to pay them the money if they could reverse the charge because I needed it for my wife’s meds. (Fortunetly the hospital took pity on us and gave use some of the meds we needed).

The high point of the call was when one of the customer service reps yelled at me that I could call the Attorney General for all she cared then hung up.

The funny thing is I did notice slight “enhancement” :smiley: and probably would have bought the product when I did have the extra money.

The great thing about my story is that when I went to sign up for the “free” sample, there was a section on the bottom page about becoming a “premium” member or some such and of course I just wanted the sample at the time. Needless to say when I first called, I was directed to that page and it said by requesting the free sample, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

Score one for them since I did not scroll down and read the bottom half of the page :smack: