Which U.S. model has been in countinuous production the longest?

Just a WAG, but I’d bet its the Corvette. Circa 1953

It gets tricky figuring out what is considered the same car in continuous production. Example, Chevy made a sedan which I believe was simply refered to as the Chevy, but they had three options packages that modified the same car. The packages were titled the Implala, Caprice, and I can’t recall if it is unnamed of if there is a third package. Now you know that there is a Caprice and a Impala (continuous I don’t know) today, but since they are branched off of the original car is it the same model? It all comes down to definition. Also some cars are redisigned to be part of a totally different class, like from a compact to a sedan. Are the still the same car, just because they carry the same nameplate?

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I’m pretty certain the Impala was discontinued for awhile.

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My guess would be the Ford F-Series pickup, or is that too general for your question?