Autumn is definitely here!

OK, so most you knew this, but it is officially Autumn. I was just taking a soak in my hot tub and the geese were flying south! I counted 4 or 5 flocks in a half hour (or one really really lost flock that was too embarassed to stop for directions and kept circling…)

I love this time of year. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and yes, even the chilly weather.

Yups…mrAru, our roomie Phlip and I just chainsawed and stacked the first cord of wood of the season this past saturday…and we will be cutting down to size/splitting/stacking at least 2 more cords in the next few weeks…and i made my first batch of soup on the woodstove last night=)

Microbug and I were running errands downtown yesterday and got snowed (!) on.

Man, I loves me some snow.