Auuuu au-AU-GUST, Rant she must

A new month. New mini-rants.

Too damn hot to cook. I love going out for dinner, and I’m a big fan of Door Dash. But sometimes you just feel like cooking something yourself… it’s just too damn hot to cook!

Hot days are why grills are great. And crockpots, ricers and electric frying pans and roasters: they can all be used outside (as long as it isn’t raining) or out in the garage. (We don’t have central air.)


Got a Facebook message yesterday from the guy who owns the beautiful cabin cruiser next to our pontoon boat at the marina. He had just done some damage to my boat and was pretty shaken up. It sounds cosmetic, not structural, and he will pay for whatever needs done.

Wow. His boat is worth 10x what mine is. Every time I enter or leave my slip I think about how one mistake and I could hit him. He’s an extremely nice guy and I felt bad for how shaken up he was. Then again, my boat is brand new (to me) and this may shorten an already too-short season.:frowning:


No matter how hot it is, I wear socks and shoes to work. Women think that just because it’s above 70, that we all want to look at their deformed feet and gross pale skin. Behold the foot of a typical female office worker. Just one more month of this shit.

My supermarket has gazpacho (with cucumber), salmorejo (same as gazpacho minus the cucumber) and fruity gazpachos which have a similar texture to the other two (and no cucumber). They make for great dinners when it’s waaaaay too hot for anything resembling normal food, and may even contain some vitamins!

Yesterday was the first day in going on for two months that we got more rain than a five minute sprinkle. We’ve had weeks of temperatures in the mid 90s and higher (this is New England, it doesn’t do that here.) All the grass has gone brown and crispy long ago. Even the hardier groundcovers are at least wilty and drooping.

And so I kept looking out at it like it was this alien phenomenon. And finally went out for a walk in it to marvel: Wow! Water falling from the sky? Which wasn’t solid blue? And it wasn’t unbearably hot???

Maybe it was the Rapture.

We got our first major rain in a while too. And I got a leak in my studio ceiling, meaning rain got in through the roof, then down through the attic, then through the attic floor. I hope we can locate the opening without having to tear everything up.

Husband accidentally knocked down a squirrel nest in our yard yesterday and three tiny babies fell out. We scooped them back in the nest, handling them as little as possible, and put it in the crook of a nearby tree (putting them back in the one they’d fallen from was an impossibility). I’ve been worried ever since. I want to climb up there today and look…they’ll either be gone or there will be three little bodies. :frowning: I should just tell myself we did the best we could and never look.

Put your trash all the way into the damn trash can.

Again this morning, I ended up pushing someone else’s trash into the trash can. It’s got one of those spring flaps on it, and their bag of McDonald’s (or whatever, didn’t look that close) was caught.

It wasn’t disgusting or anything, but if you aren’t strong enough to get it all the way into the trash, you probably aren’t strong enough to be driving a car and attempting to steer.

Very mini, since it probably only happens once or twice a month.

Well, we have at least a couple months to go before all the lardy, fishbelly-white, drooping flesh of Midwesterners gets covered up again.

Looking forward to fall…

Grrr…metaprolol and losartan making me dizzy and passing out. Stupid concussion with a goose egg the size of a goose egg.


Related - a couple months ago I was at a concert and the ladies room had one big trash can, like 55 gallons or so, and it was overflowing with paper towels. Heaped up and falling on the floor while the can itself was mostly filled with air. All of the precious princesses in the place were just piling more pieces of paper on top, adding to the mini-avalanche on the floor. Most of them didn’t care, some of them looked appalled at the mess, but kept adding to it and everyone seemed to be scared of the cooties the can may have been hiding. Except me. I dried my hands, wrapped my used the paper towel around my right hand and pushed the paper down, down, down into the can, freeing up about 3/4 of the volume. I was applauded for my heroic efforts. :rolleyes:

Does your doctor know about this? After I got home from my heart surgery, I was getting dizzy and passing out when I stood up. I had to be readmitted. Turned out, my blood pressure meds had to be adjusted. I still get a little light-headed at times, but no passing out.

Yeah, I’m seeing both my gerontologist and cardiologist this week. Getting an echo and blood tests tomorrow.

No rants today… just came in to say I like the thread title’s nod to this song. Well done,John Mace!

Well, at least we know you have a good doctor. Because a quack doesn’t echo.

I agree. Women should be in burkas when in public. No one wants to look at that.

Your loss, Bob. :wink: I am one of those crazy liberated bitches who refuses to wear socks between May 1 and October 1. I assure you I make up for it in the cold Illinois winters, and I have earned it. Suck it, co-workers. There’s no rule against sandals, so the feets are large and in charge. You only see them in the conference room anyway; the 90% of the time I’m at my desk nobody sees my feet. And since you are gracious enough not to complain, I do you the favor of keeping my blinding-white legs covered.

I used to work with a lady who HATED sandals*. We had a no-flip-flop rule, but sandals were OK and the rest of the ladies loved them. Every time someone came in with low heel sandals, any kind of thong thing between the toes, or slip on sandals with no heel strap, you could find her wasting her time in the HR office complaining. We loved walking past her desk making our shoes make the “flip-flop” noise.

*that was only one of many things she complained about, and she was far from everyone’s “best friend at the office.” She deserved to see and hear ugly feet, maybe even smell them.:stuck_out_tongue: