Auuuuughhhhhh! They're onto me!

I was doing a Google search and clicked on one of the links they provided. Almost immediately, it changed from a humor site to a porn site, the kind that won’t let you backpage out without a fight.

Then I got this “Windows Alert”, telling me,

**"Alert! You just visited porn site !
Cleaning your browser cash will not help to hide it !
Windows log every step that you make during serf !

You can use special software to [link]eliminate special tracks[/link]
of sites which you visited and save your privacy.

Don’t you want that your wife, childrens , friends or boss find what sites did you just visit ?

So,[link]download evidance eliminator for free[/link] now."**

Charming, I thought. But the sign wouldn’t go away. It’s not a pop-up; it’s kind of superimposed over the screen images. I couldn’t close it out (I found out afterwards that I can minimize it by clicking elsewhere on the screen. But I still can’t close it out completely.). So I clicked on their stupid link, thinking they had it rigged so you couldn’t close out without at least seeing their pitch. (Why didn’t I just reboot, you ask? Because I’d been doing this search in order to put a link in an MPSIMS reply, and I didn’t want to wait that long.)

So I’m looking at this window. Title bar says, **“YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM”.

"401 Browser Problem — Please Wait.
Your computer has been tracked.

Your IP is under investigation:
Your ISP is co-operating: “WIDGET”
They know you are using: BillGatesIsARichGeek v5.x
Your computer is: Picosht XX
Evidence of your activities: http://badnastydirty.html"**

Now, underneath the URL and other answers is this:

"porn body body porn body child privacy"


It goes on to say:

**"The authorities know about you.
Do your family know this is what you
have been looking at?
Your Internet habits are being investigated.

Your risk status for further investigation: VERY HIGH RISK."**

I think I’ll go hide under the bed…

So, what they’re trying to tell you is they know you’ve been laundering money?

So you post it here.

Great now everyone who opens your OP will be tracked also.

Where the heck did I put my Aluminum hat?