Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage, 1933-2003

From Indiewire:

In some ways, Brakhage is probably most famous for inspiring the credit sequence for David Fincher’s Se7en. Sadly, I haven’t yet seen any of his work, but I was planning on rectifying that when the new Criterion DVD anthology comes out in May.

I’ve seen a few of his films…the ones that stuck in my mind were “the act of seeing with one’s own eye”, which was a graphic depiction of a autopsy, and “window water baby moving”, a film about his wife’s pregnancy.

Definately an interesting filmmaker, and probably before his time in terms of technique. I’ll be picking up that DVD too.

Aw, damn.

I saw a whole lot of his early stuff from the '50s and '60s during my college years, including Dog Star Man, Mothlight, and Sirius Remembered.

I didn’t find him as compelling as Bruce Conner or Maya Deren or Kenneth Anger or Michael Snow, but he was definitely one of the great names in the postwar avant-garde.