AVATAR - it's rated pg13, but could an 8 yr old wow player go?

We’re going this afternoon, and I’d like to take the grandkids, but I don’t want to get teh little one over her head.

I’ve been really careful to avoid spoilers so that’s why I made a new thread just for this question. Please don’t ruin the movie for me. Thanks.

Yes. There is nothing truly objectionable in the film. A minor love scene that is not explicit in any meaningful way, and plenty of sci-fi violence. A few people die but not in a gory manner. The Na’vi do not wear much for clothing, but you never see anything.

Thank you. I had a feeling it was going to be mild and eye-candy, and a real blast for gamers. It’s 3-d at the Imax, I can’t wait.

You won’t have a problem. The plot can be followed easily by an 8-year-old, the violence is no worse than in Star Wars, there’s one very brief scene of characters kissing passionately and waking up next to each other the following morning, and one character says “shit” once (and it’s a pretty funny moment, too).

Probably. The really young kids parents brought to the showing I went to seemed bored and fidgeted a lot during the 2.5 hr runtime. Id advise against it.

I took my nearly 8 year old son to it today. I wish I didn’t have to take him to PG-13 films, but when the Happy Meals have Iron Man, et. al. on them, I’m trapped.

My son loved the film. I was bored, but he liked it.

Objectionable content noted above, plus some salty language (bitch, bastard, shit. No fucks.)