AVATAR ok for a 10 year old? (Need answer fairly quickly)

I’m planning to take my 10 year old daughter to see Avatar later this afternoon. I still haven’t seen it yet. Is there any content I should be forewarned about? I’m mostly concerned about particularly graphic or disturbing violence, since she can be sensitive to that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Spoilerish stuff ahead:

The finale is violent, but not really graphic. (Stabbing is shown but not in a Tarantino way, if you get my drift). When their home is destroyed, it’s pretty traumatic and may be a bit much for a sensitive person. Our 10 year old boy watched it and covered his eyes during part of the movie, but my SO was ok watching the whole thing. (My SO will leave the room/theater whenever a tv show gets to be too much for him and he didn’t leave once.

The violence is all war movie violence, very little gore, heroic deaths, etc. Some of the death and destruction is pretty sad, though.

There’s a fair amount of cursing. Not as much as in Aliens, IMHO, but it’s still there.

My 8 year-old daughter was affected most by

the destruction of the Big Tree

Which required her to sit in Daddy’s lap for a good 15 minutes.

As far as violence is concerned - nothing gory or anything like that, but it’s still a James Cameron movie. I would say the violence is on the level of Aliens, but there’s not much of a horror component to it (i.e., nothing akin to the scene in Aliens where a surviving woman asks to be killed).

Oh, I strongly recommend that you look up Avatar at my favorite “rate the movie for kids” site, http://www.kids-in-mind.com/

It’s non-religious based and very detailed about what you will find in the movie. For example, here’s what they say about cursing in Avatar:

Salty language, mostly, and arrows entering bodies like the death of Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring. Not terribly gory, otherwise. Plus an ‘implied’ sex scene (kissing and the girl straddles the guy but no real humping).

Indeed; that will only be shown on the DVD. Seriously:

Thanks for the replies and the link. Sounds like I need to worry more about the sadness than the violence. Hopefully, it will have a happy enough ending not to upset her too much.

My 8yo went with his Grandpa. He loved it, but the big tree segment upset him as well.

Having read the article, I can only wait until the “Avatar shows bestiality” screeching that will occur once the DVD is released.

In one of the other Avatar threads I expressed disappointment that the sex scene didn’t include exactly what the wired article described. Talk about hooking up!

Hopefully, she won’t be too upset by the burning pony.

I’d put it on par with the Lord of the Rings films. There’s battles a plenty with death and impalements but not a drop of red blood.

Just got back. She was a little squirmy during the battle scenes (especially the attack on the Hometree), but after the movie, she said it didn’t scare her. I think it did a little, but she doesn’t want to admit it.

Thanks again for all the help.

The real barometer will be - will I get turned on by it? I will have to start asking some seriously self-evaluative questions at that point.

Not quite true. There’s a fair amount of blood on Sigourney Weaver’s shirt when she gets shot, and on the female copter pilot right before she gets killed as well. No artful spraying or anything like that though.