Avatar (Pre-release speculation)

Are you excited about this movie? Are you going to go see it?

Yes, and this Friday night!

Here is a link to by far the best trailer for the movie


honestly, no.

I just don’t get the buzz that this movie is apparently generating.

Perhaps I’m not the target audience for this type of movie, but I’m curious… are people in my age group (early 40’s) interested in this movie, or is this for the late teens, early 20’s demographic?

I was reading on rotten tomatoes that the Early 40’s group had more positive things to say about the movie then the early 20’s group.

I’m in the latter and I get a district 9 like vibe from this movie which I enjoyed.

I’m still confused as to why this movie is supposed to be big. As far as I can tell, it is about blue CGI people in the jungle, but is somehow based on a japanese anime. Is japanese anime really that popular that it is worth the budget I hear this movie cost? Other than a few of my geekier friends and my girlfriend’s 10 year old brother, I haven’t heard anyone even mention this movie in conversation.

It’s nothing to do with Anime. That’s a different story (Avatar: The Last Airbender) which is being made by M Night Shyamalan and titled The Last Airbender.

This Avatar is completely original. Well, at least in how it relates to your post.

43 y.o. checking in: meh. I thought Titanic was a huge pile of crap with the most trite and predictable story line imaginable, this looks the same. I’d go to see the 3d if I was in the mood to go to a movie, but not make any special effort.

In that case my geek friends fail, as they have been telling me this is based on the Anime (which I haven’t seen, so no reason to doubt them) since it was first announced.

Avatar: The Last Airbender isn’t anime, either. It’s American, through and through. Some stylistic touches taken from Japanese animation, but created by Americans, produced by Nickelodeon, and aired, first, in the US. The only Japanese connection is one Japanese-born actor - Mako, who played Uncle Iroh until his death.

I did not know that.

Anyhowslike, I plan to see Avatar this week. I am very much looking forward to it. Not decided if I’ll see it in 3D or not, but I suspect I will.

Yep I’ll be seeing it on opening night.

I’ve dodged the 3D thing till now but I suppose if I’m going to see one it might as well be this one. I love Cameron’s work before Titanic and while not loving that particular movie i can appreciate the skill and thought that went into it.

Getting good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and in local papers etc. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Big-time James Cameron fan here: absolutely looking forward to it.

I mean, even *True Lies *was worth seeing in the theater, and by all accounts this is better. I’m not expecting another Aliens, but even something half as good would still be the best film I’ve seen this year.

I don’t care how lame the premise is; Cameron can sell it.

Another Cameron fan here. I found *Titanic *to be his least interesting work but still enjoyable; with *Avatar *I’m expecting something more comparable to The Abyss, which I adore.

In any case, I’m just thrilled to see Cameron return to his genre roots.

Dammit, I wish the pre-release meh’ing could have been kept to the other thread and this (or another) one reserved for people who’ve ACTUALLY SEEN THE MOVIE!

Now, if I see it, and I try to start another thread, it’ll just be merged into this one. To hell with that. That other thread is custom-made for folks who think that’s it’s so fucking cool to say how bad a movie is going to be in advance and how oh-so-yawnworthy the prospect of seeing the film is going to be. It’s the whole premise of the other thread.

In any case, I’m 53, female, excited like a little kid on Christmas, thinking about going to see the IMAX 3D midnight show Thursday night, am pretty sure I’ll love it even though I hate the trailer (haven’t clicked on the one in the OP so I don’t know if it’s the same one I’ve been seeing in the theaters), love Titanic and think it’s a great movie, btw (though I was rooting for LA Confidential to win the Oscar), wouldn’t miss this theater experience for anything short of death, will certainly see it at least twice, one 3D and one regular viewing, and this is probably the only time I’ll post in this thread.

The husband and I are mid-40’s and we definitely want to see it - but then, we’re geeks through and through. How much, you ask? My husband actually has some small props from the “Trouble with Tribbles” and the “blueprints” to the original Enterprise (TOS)

I do not, however, want to see it in 3D because I’ve yet to see a 3D projection that actually works with my vision. Nothing ruins a movie faster than blurry, double-vision, stab-you-in-the-head pain from visual incompatibility with the projection. The only way to sit through that is with one eye closed which, of course, totally ruins any 3D and why bother? Find 2D and spend less money.

The trailer in the link is not one you have seen on T.V.

Its 3 minutes of pure awesome definitely worth a click!

(Ok, I lied about not posting again, sue me)

I haven’t seen any ads on TV, only the one shown in the theater. I’ve seen that one way too many times. After the first few times I started closing my eyes so images wouldn’t sear themselves into my brain, but it was too late.

I believe you, but I’ve already seen enough scenes in advance. I’m seeing the movie anyway so I don’t need to be convinced, and whatever’s awesome in the extended trailer will be even more awesome to see for the first time on a huge screen.

I’m looking forward to this like few films since Serenity. I like the trailers I’ve seen.

Data point - I must be the only person I know who not only liked, but owns, Final Fantasy- TSW, as well as Kaena. I’m a sucker for obviously fully-CGI characters and environments

For me at least the Ads that are running on TV don’t seem to help the movie. Had I not seen the trailer in my link first and just the ones on TV I wouldn’t of even gone to see the movie.

EDIT: Ads I have seen just show violent scenes of the movie with generic alarm sounding type hollow music, its awful…

Looks cool! But how long do you think it will be before some jackass comes out railing against the movie for being “a thinly disguised attack by liberal Hollywood types against our American way of life! How long will they go on apologizing for the fact that Europeans dragged the Indians out of the Stone Age?! Its always Big Bad America picking on supposedly defenseless natives, the majority of whom would turn America into a nuclear wasteland if given half a chance!”

Sounds like a good hook for Laura Ingraham. I don’t think she has anything else brewing right now. :slight_smile:

I have been following the progress of this movie for two years.

I have intentionally not watched any trailers or clips, and I’ve done my level best to avoid learning anything about the story (my ‘friends’ are having fun at the moment trying to trick me into learning more about it than they know I want to).

I have my ticket all booked for Thursday, the first day I can go and watch it on a big screen, in 3D.

Yes, I’m going to see it.