Avatar sequel -are you excited for the movie?

A trailer has come out today . I felt the first one was meh, but at least it looks pretty.

I’m wondering how it will do at the box office. I doubt it will do well given how long it’s been and how little impact Avatar seems to have. There was a big gap before the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sequels but they remained relevant in a way Avatar has not.

Looks very pretty. I liked the first one despite its being everything that subsequent posters to this thread will snark about. I’ll go to theaters and watch this sequel.

I’m with you - I liked the first one a lot. Cameron is an excellent director and one of the best visual storytellers working today. Was the first film perfect? Hardly. But it was a good time at the theater and I hope this one is too.

I loved the first one. I thought it was amazing. It remains one of the only 3D movies (the only?) that truly makes use of the medium in a way that works and is enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to the sequel.

I’ll likely go and see it but I am not seeing much advancement in storyline or in animation quality to make it nearly as good as the first one.

The animation of the people in the trailer didn’t do much for me.

I do wonder if they will do a limited run of the original in IMAX/3-D before releasing the sequel. They did already seize back the worldwide box office record from Avengers: Endgame, but they probably wouldn’t mind a little more cushion.

I thought the first was visually spectacular, and find criticisms of the story, acting, etc. mostly irrelevant, since it was clear that the visuals were the main point of the movie. But I find it very hard to get excited about a sequel this stale. If they wanted sequels, they should have been aiming for a couple of years later, not a decade and a half.

I loved the first one. But this time I’m going to need more than just visuals to get my ass to the seat. I’ll go for a compelling story. But after watching the trailer, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that. Just a retelling of the last one.

But, underwater!

Is it going to be in 3D?

I’ll wait to see how the reviews are before I decide if I’m going to see it in the theaters. Given that it’s going to be released in December, I expect there will be other big movies I might see instead, or in addition.

I believe James Cameron is fully committed to always filming in 3D. However, this movie will have a 2D release, right? I saw the trailer in the theater this weekend and it was of course 2D.

I told my wife, “I don’t think we’ll see this in the theater, but if it gets absolute rave reviews, I’ll still only want the regular 2D screening.”

It…will have those I hope.

I’ll almost certainly see it in the theaters. Avatar was a really great theater experience even if the movie had no cultural staying power, and I’m guessing the second one will be just as cool to see in the theater.

From the trailer I’m not sure there’s that much of a difference in technological capabilities of the films even though it took a ridiculously large amount of time to make, but maybe they’re saving all of that stuff for the theater. That’s not the normal way of things with trailers but Avatar in particular relies on it’s “wow” factor at the theater.

Of course this is the first trailer, I’m sure the second and third ones will spoil the whole movie as per hollywood standard practice. Or maybe not - James Cameron has an unusual amount of control.

Supposedly the big thing here is they figured out how to film motion capture under water.

A few months after Avatar came out I attended a Con and it came up in passing at a panel – not the focus. The consensus was Very pretty; too bad the story the visuals served didn’t involve character we could care about.

That was the last time I ever heard it brought up at a Con.

How much of the box office appeal of the first movie was the novelty as the first really big 3D movie? And now it’s 15 years later and the fad for 3D movies seems to have passed. Remember at one point 3D HDTVs were available?

But this has Disney’s marketing machine behind it. So I’m probably wrong about how it’s going to do.

The Lincoln Square IMAX 3D version of Avatar I saw remains the most visually impressive movie experience I’ve had, even 20 years later. The film itself was fine, but it’s the 3D visuals I was impressed by. I’ll absolutely see the sequel in the same format.

I agree. It was all about “look at this cool new tech, and what pretty pictures we can show you.” And it completely succeeded on that level.

But… IS there any cool new tech to show off right now? Because that would be a reason to see the sequel. There was never anything much to the movie or the completely forgettable characters. That’s what sequels usually play on – more of the story, more of the people.

I enjoyed the first one. I doubt I’ll bother with the second, unless it gets unexpectedly good reviews.

If Stephen Lang returns as a villain I’d be more enthused.