I've never seen "Avatar"

I didn’t want to see it in the theater, and don’t want to now.

That “multiple screenings” thread reminded me of that movie, which seems to have the dubious distinction of being “The Most Popular Movie Nobody Liked”.

Did anyone actually enjoy that movie? This inquiring mind wants to know.

I hated almost every damn minute of that movie and only watched it because I was on a flight back from Europe and little else was on.


I fell asleep in the theatre. I’m told I missed about an hour, and I still think what I saw was too long. The movie was too drawn out showing off it’s 3D-ness that it was just boring.

I also never bothered with the movie. The fact that it was directed by James Cameron made it so.

I didn’t see it in the movies but watched it on cable when it was first available. I’m upset I did’t get to see it in 3D. I own it.

Never saw it in a theater, which I regret. It’s visually pretty. Not much of a story, but I like sci fi gadgetry and scenery.

I may be the one who mentioned it in the other thread. I will say that I really liked the visuals and the 3D production. The extended version did add a little bit more back story which was welcome.

When I left the first showing, I felt abused. The movie’s “message” is just beaten into you. There’s no subtlety or nuance. Characters are one dimensional, and of course, it’s a story about how an outsider needs to come save the poor natives… :rolleyes:

The plot is crap, the characters weak, the acting never rises above the barely serviceable ( if that good, though given the shitty script you can’t really castigate any of the actors that much ). In 3-D however it was quite visually arresting.

As of piece of art I suspect it is rightfully going to take its place in future books on film as a technical step forward - the first film to really successfully exploit 3-D as a technique from the ground up. But it will come with a big old footnote attached noting that it was an otherwise uninspired and hackneyed piece of work.

I likely wouldn’t watch it again and I’m the sort of person that will happily watch entertaining drek like Resident Evil multiple times.

Well, to each his own but this was the exact reason I *did *watch it. I’m a huge fan of his work. I didn’t see it in the theater, instead in streaming 2D via Amazon at home. And I didn’t love it or hate it. Visually it is stunning, even on a 2D TV screen. But the overwhelming neo-hippie tree-hugging nonsense more than offset both its visuals and its story. Stephen Lang was a ridiculously over-the-top, cartoonish villain, Weaver an uninteresting and impractical to the point of incompetence scientist stereotype, and Sam Worthington, while generally good (certainly compared to the others), ultimately I was not sympathetic to his character’s decision to ‘go native’ and thought he was basically a traitor who should have been stopped.

I accept that Cameron’s a liberal but he’s a fantastic storyteller & filmmaker who previously didn’t much let that effect his films. His most leftist film would have been The Abyss but thankfully all the political subtext got left on the cutting room floor where it belonged. Same for the original too-preachy (and ridiculous) ending to T2…

I’ve never seen it either. Had no real desire to.

The 3D is spectacular!

I’ve never watched it since, even though I have the BluRay. I have to admit that, though I think the story is perfectly serviceable for what James Cameron was trying to achieve, and that’s okay, it isn’t enough to make multiple viewings worthwhile.

It was fine. Fluff, but I don’t go to movies for depth.

It’s pretty good.

Nothing much to say beyond that. It was hype combined with a pretty good movie.

Anyway, when you say Avatar, I still think of the show first(Last Airbender, I mean).

I saw it, in 3D. It was a perfectly cromulent film. I thought that the 3D effects were outstanding, and overall it was a very good looking movie.

As far as the story…I thought the 3D effects were outstanding, and it was a very good looking movie.

With Cameron, there’s never anything as subtle as subtext. It’s all text.

Same here.

It’s good, but not great. The effects work is incredibly impressive, but I think I’ve outgrown James Cameron’s movies.

Due to only having one eye that works properly, I can’t see 3d effects, which kinda put me off going. The supposedly terrible acting, dialogue, and plot is unlikely to make a 3 hour tech demo I can’t even see properly worthwhile.

I enjoyed seeing it in 3D in the cinema. I bought it on DVD, but haven’t successfully watched it all the way through yet.

So yeah: experience it as it was made to be experienced, or don’t bother.

Avatar was okay. As other’s have mentioned, the visuals were great but everything else was lacking.

I saw it once in the theater and haven’t seen it since.