Avatars, Discourse links, sharing questions - All in one easy post

  1. Could you always have an avatar in your profile on vBulletin but they wouldn’t show unless you looked in the profile? This guy was banned in 2004 but has a profile pic that shows up now.
    Profile - dorkusmalorkusmafia - Straight Dope Message Board

  2. I don’t know what they are actually called, in my head they are Discourse links. I’m talking about the links that show up on the bottom of a post that refer to another thread, whether the poster wants them there or not. The following links are to a poster who hasn’t posted since 2018. In the post from March 2015 it has the link at the bottom. In the post from August 2012 it does not. What are these links called and how do they get on somebody’s post?
    March 2015
    August 2012

  3. In this post, if you hover over the first sentence a link symbol appears at the left. I also noticed this in the More Jokes thread by Prof.Pepperwinkle . Does this show that the posts were shared on Facebook/Twitter etc? Or that they were shared from Facebook/Twitter? Or am I just wrong?

I get most of my jokes from Reddit. That may have something to do with it.

I assume that being banned means you can’t post or message people but you can still log in and fiddle with your profile. Though if that’s the case, they can troll with an offensive avatar even after being banned so that doesn’t seem optimal.

You are immediately logged out on suspension, and trying to log in produces this (suspension reason varies, of course)


Good to know, thanks. I wonder how that avatar got there then. (Unless maybe VBulletin allowed banned posters to log in and modify their profiles without being able to post.)

We had Profile Pics on the Straight Dope. Not sure of the exact timing but they were there before 2010.

I went searching, Profile Pics started in 2008:

#2 Those links appear when someone links directly to a post in another thread. It can happen to any post in the system, no matter the age of the post or the status or the user.

You created one of those links on the each of the posts you quoted in your OP.

Thanks, I don’t remember that at all. I’m going to claim old age on that one.

So it’s always linked to a particular post, not to every post by that user? Do you have a name you use for those kind of links?

Do you use a share button from Reddit or do you copy and paste?

I copy and paste.

That’s what I thought. As I think I said, I have never used a share button so I don’t really know how they work. At this point I’m not even sure where I got it in my mind that it had to do with a share button.

Great jokes by the way, keep it up!

Correct. And I have no idea what to call them.

Weirdly, I just now received a notice from Discourse that I got a

First Share

This badge is granted the first time you share a link to a reply or topic using the share button. Sharing links is a great way to show off interesting discussions with the rest of the world and grow your community

I have never (knowingly) used a share button, on this site or any other.

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