Aveeno® Facial Moisturizer ~ Reduces Appearance of Unwanted Facial Hair

So I’m at the store, looking for a good moisturizer (ya’ know, in my early 30s and stuff). I’m looking for an astringent while I’m at it. And then I come across a brand I haven’t noticed before ~ Aveeno®, made by Johnson&Johnson. I knew they made stuff to put in a bath and powders, to reduce itchiness, but that’s it.

Looks good to me! I’m contemplating purchasing it when I see:
“Positively Smooth™ Facial Moisturizer”
Minimizes the Appearance of Unwanted Hair
Improves Tone and Texture
With Natural Soy

SAY WHAT? :eek:

On their website, they boast that this product has been clinically proven to:

I’m assuming they mean if I moisturize my legs with it, I’ll have to shave less often. But whatever.

In this month’s issue of In Style magazine, they have and advertisement, complete with a ‘picture’ showing Before and After. The Before has little hairs popping through the epidermis. The After picture has no hairs popping through, and the hairs below the epidermis are thinner, not as deep, and not as many. Complete with the words “Active Soy” floating above it. This surely goes above and beyond their written claim of: “…clinically proven to minimize the appearance of unwanted facial hair…” Appearance is the operative word when buying beauty products. “Reduces the appearance of fine lines” (you’ll still have 'em, they just won’t show as much), “Makes hair appear healthier” (your hair is still a frizzy burned mess, just that people won’t gawk as much), etc.

First of all, if it can thin hair out, what the hell is in there that I would want on my face for a prolonged period of time? I use hair depilatories on my legs, but Neet and Nair certainly make sure to warn you not to leave it on your skin for longer than 15 minutes. And! What could POSSIBLY make soy “active” enough to do this? Though I don’t have the product in front of me, I’m almost positive that it also said it reduces facial hair.

I ended up buying their Skin Clarifying Toner. I admit, it feels great on my skin, but I also notice it boasts: “Aveeno® Skin Clarifying Toner with soy extract gently refreshes skin with no tightness or dryness. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and rebalanced.”

So now soy reduces the appearance of unwanted hair AND refreshes my skin?
What’s the Straight Dope on this?

I don’t have any scientific facts for you, but Jergens came out with a similar product about a year and a half ago, for legs at least. A few other brands have followed suit. (no I don’t work for drugstore.com)

I’d be willing to bet this stuff is a lot like the Jergens lotion that promises you can shave less often. If you use, you know immediately what it is: it smells like a dilute depilatory. I’m guessing, but they’ve may have discovered that a weak depilatory is OK to leave on the skin long term and eventually weakens and thins the hairs.

I’ve used the Jergens stuff and it’s tough to say if it’s really worked. I don’t have particularly hairy legs. But I need moisturizer so I use it. I have noticed that it tends to make the sweat bead up on my legs if I’m working out really hard so it may leave a bit of a film.