Avengers: 3D or 2D?

Should I make a point to see Avengers in 3D or is it just as good in 2D? My friends and I can take or leave 3D, especially at the prices, but I have a feeling there’s a possibility it adds to this movie.

Need to make a decision by Friday morning.

I wasn’t impressed by the 3D. I think you’ll be fine with 2D. It wasn’t shot in 3D.

The 3D ruined it for me. Granted, I hate 3D movies to begin with, but the 3D for this movie was not good. Now I have to spend another 10 bucks to see it in 2D so I can actually enjoy it.

Oh, awesome. Thanks guys!

If anyone else wants to rant on 3D go ahead (but DCnDC already has a thread). I’m already deciding against it :slight_smile:

I always go 2D, but even more so when something has been filmed 2D. Oh, and I’m quite sure The Dark Knight Rises won’t even be available in 3D. Good for them.

If you like 3D, then go ahead and see it in 3D, since it’s pretty good for a conversion. If you don’t care, though, 2D should be just fine.

Perhaps surprisingly, the movie is actually more character-driven than effects-driven.

It’s one of the better 3D post-conversions I’ve seen. That being said, I’ve seen it in both 3D and 2D and the movie doesn’t lose anything if you go with the latter.

I saw it first in 3D (for free, at an Apple-sponsored prescreening) and then in 2D a week later.

The 3D was okay but it didn’t really impress me (or put me off). It was just kind of there. The movie lost nothing, IMO, when I saw it in 2D.

(ETA: I loved it, btw :D)

Can you do IMAX 3D? That’s how I saw the movie the first time, and it looked incredible. It was really worth the extra money for the experience.

The second time I saw it, however, was in non-IMAX 3D, and the effect wasn’t that impressive, and, more importantly, the 3D filter or whatever really dimmed all of the colors in what is an extremely vibrant, colorful movie (for whatever reason, this didn’t happen in IMAX). I’d recommend 2D over that.

If you can swing an IMAX screen, go for it, regardless of the D.

Otherwise, I saw it in 2D, and didn’t feel any loss, but we’ve got an awesome IMAX down here that has 2D showings. Bless them.

I saw it in 2D, because that’s what the other Browncoats voted on, (I think there were a lot of people who didn’t care, and two who found that 3d gave them headaches.) And I loved it like that!

Saw it in 2. No regrets.

I saw it twice in Imax 3D and once in 2D and while the 3D wasn’t that big of a deal, the Imax was awesome.

I’ve seen it twice in 2D without feeling like anyting was missing. I may see if I can sneak out to an IMAX show, though.

Properly-done RealD 3D is better than properly-done IMAX 3D. If it looked better in IMAX, that’s just a sign that the RealD wasn’t done properly. You do need brighter projectors to make up for the losses in the filters, and not all theaters have them. IMAX has been doing 3D for a long time now, though, and use special projectors anyway, and so have learned that lesson.

yeah, but for people who aren’t lucky enough to live in metro areas or with theatres who give a shit, “properly done” Real3D isn’t a given. IMAX has at least been around long enough that they don’t (usually) commit any atrocious screw-ups.

I don’t like post-conversion 3D, and am not willing to pay extra to suffer it. If you want me to watch your movie in 3D, film it in 3D.

I can’t watch 3D wtihout getting a headache, and even people who like it turn their noses up at “fake 3D” (post-production image manipulation of movies, such as this one, that were not originally shot in 3D).