Will it be worth my while to see AVATAR in 3D...

…given that I absolutely cannot do so without wearing my regular glasses?

Please, no spoilers. Let me explain.

I haven’t seen Avatar yet, because every time I have had an opportunity to see it I’ve forgotten about it, and every time I’ve thought about taking the time I haven’t been able to spare it. But I have time this week.

The theatre I prefer to attend is still showing AVATAR, but only in 3D.

I am very dependent on my eyeglasses. I’ve only ever seen one movie in theaters without them–the 6th Star Wars–and that was only because my nieces asked me to take them. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was waiting to get my blood sugar under control before getting new glasses, so the entire spectacle was just a blobby blur to me–no real details.

The last 3d movie I saw was one of the Spy-Kids. I recall that the glasses were more trouble than they were worth.

Is the tech better now? Should I bother?

I didn’t care for the movie, but if you were to see it, you definitely should see it in 3D because (IMHO) to not do so would be to negate one of the film’s few selling points.

And I wear glasses and didn’t have any problem wearing the theater glasses over them for the entire 2.5 hours.

The theater glasses are these huge cheap plastic monstrosities. They shouldn’t have any trouble fitting over your own glasses, and as far as I could tell the lens material shouldn’t interfere with vision when paired with glasses. Other than being huge cheap plastic monstrosities, the tech used seemed pretty elegant.

I wore my glasses during the movie, too. I expect a lot of people did. You’re not going to get old-fashioned paper 3-D glasses. They’re bigger and they were designed to fit over a pair of regular glasses. And there is really no point in seeing this movie if you’re not going to see it in 3-D.

I wore the 3-D glasses with my regular glasses. I got a monstrous headache from the movie, and it was worth it. Go see it.

Two of the people I saw it worth wear glasses and they said the 3D glasses were fine. One of the glasses wearers had seen it before and he was the one who convinced me to go see it in the theaters.

I also wear glasses. The first 3D movies I saw (Beowulf and Nightmare Before Christmas), they were a bit awkward, but they seemed more comfortable for Avatar.

The 3D glasses will fit over your regular glasses. I’ve worn them over mine several times, including for Avatar. You will not have any difficulty. They are no longer the same as those little cardboard things they used to hand out.

I saw it in 2D, and saw it afterwards in 3D (RealD 3D).

The RealD 3D glasses fit over my normal glasses just fine.

Note that there is also a Dolby 3D version, and an Imax 3D version of the movie, which use different glasses, I believe.

My friend who wore glasses had trouble fitting the 3D spectacles over his regular ones. But he asked for a different, larger pair, which fit just fine.

Another vote for there being no point to seeing it except for the 3D. Certainly not the plot, or the paper characters.

I, too, wore my glasses while seeing Avatar in 3D, and had no problems like the other posters.

But I liked the movie, so apparently aren’t in the “cool kids” club, nonetheless.

:slight_smile: Oh, we can have differing opinions on a movie and you can still be in the cool club.

I just wish since I saw it ANYWAY, I’d have seen it in 3D so at least I could have gotten the shiny out of it.

Another viewer who had no trouble wearing the 3D glasses over his own glasses.

See it asap in the best (well, most technologically advanced) venue you can get to. It will be outdated soon enough and won’t be very interesting on your home TV, but it’s a kick to watch the first time.

I will add another no problems with the glasses over glasses data point.

If you think you are going to see this movie at all, you should certainly see it in 3D at the theater. As some other posters have noted, the great visuals will help distract you from the shortcomings of the film. I believe that this movie is going to seem hollow on home video.

Yeah, you don’t see “Avatar” for the story or the fascinating plot. :slight_smile: You see it for the jaw-dropping visuals.

Hmm, we can’t get to the theater nowadays so if we see it at all, it’ll have to be on home video once it comes out on disc. Wonder if it’ll be worth it.

Yes. Yes you should. The only reason I would personally say you should avoid seeing it in 3D is if you were missing an eye, or if you avoid fireworks shows because of all the loud noise and flashing lights. :slight_smile:

And I myself saw Avatar with my eyeglasses under the 3D ones, and I had no trouble with them at all.

The 3-D glasses gave me a headache, and my own glasses under them amplified it. So I ended up watching it with just the 3-D glasses. However, I’m not blind without regular glasses, the world’s just a fuzzier place.

I’d still vote to try it with the dual set of glasses.

Had no trouble fitting the 3D specs over my glasses. And I have to say, I walked out of the movie with bundles of criticisms, including the characters and plot, but I definitely enjoyed the movie. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.