Avengers Infinity War spoilerish Reddit action

This action is at least indirectly a spoiler for the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War.

The subreddit r/thanosdidnothingwrong (a home for thanos memes and discussions of balance) recently hit 100k subscribers, leading to calls from the users to ban half the subreddit, to restore balance.

It was just approved by Reddit admins, and will happen on July 9th.

Now that’s funny.

Agreed. That’s funny right there.

Note that since this was announced, they’ve added another 100K subscribers. And they moved the date because it’s quite possible the bot to do it will crash the whole website.

And yes, I subscribed.

I think this is the first time something on Reddit has made me laugh out loud since… Ever, I think.

ROFL! That’s beautiful!

I’ve been following this for some time. I subscribed awhile ago just to see if I am one of the unlucky that get banned.

I find the whole thing hilarious. They are making a robot program to help with the banning.

They want to call it “Banos”


This story gets better every hour.

The best part is that the way they asked by having members continuously tag the head admin in “I’ve come to bargain” posts.

No joke, they just banned one of their moderators.

It was the sacrifice to get the third stone, just like Gamora in the movie.

And, yes, they are claiming the moderator is permanently banned.

Josh Brolin himself made a video snapping.

I was banned.


I was graciously spared by Thanos.

Did you get a message? I did.

I didn’t get a message, I guess I screwed up subscribing? I replied in the few times they said you needed to.

My son just texted: “Papito…I don’t feel so good.”

Worried for a couple of seconds until I remembered the reference.

No message.

So, what’s Reddit’s policy on socking? Can we expect all of the banned regulars to just be rebooted?

Reddit doesn’t give a shit. Alts and throwaways are commonplace.

I was banned.

I don’t think Reddit has any policy against alts, but a ban just bans you from posting on the subreddit.

I’m pretty sure everyone will be unbanned post Avengers 4.