Avengers-James Bond Crossovers

Being stuck at home will make you do things like this.
I don’t mean the Marvel Avengers movies, but the British TV series starring Patrick MacNee.

Of course, most people know that four of the leads in the Avengers TV show – MacNee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, and Joanna Lumley – al appeared in films in the Eon James Bond franchise. But, with Pepper Mill and me watching the old Avengers episodes on DVD, I noticed other familiar faces.

Christopher Lee and Julian Glover were in Avengers episodes (Glover was in four).

High-profile actors in the Bond series that aren’t household names – Robert Brown, who played “M” in four films and James Villiers, who played Chief of Staff Bill Tanner in one – were also on The Avengers.

Burk Kwouk, famous for playing “Cato” in the Pink Panther films, appeared in three episodes of The Avengers and appeared in two Bind films (three if you count the 1967 Casino Royale)

And if you count the awful 1998 Avengers movie, you have Sean Connery and Ralph Fiennes (the latest “M”) as well.

Of course, it’s not really that surprising – both are long-running franchises that used largely British actors. Probability alone would suggest a lot of crossovers.

I won’t even get into crossovers between these two series and Doctor Who, Star Wars, or (even though it’s not as long-running) The Prisoner. I’ll let that occupy someone else’s Quarantine Time.

Here’s my complete list:

Honor Blackman Cathy Gale (62-4) Pussy Galore (Goldfinger)
Diana Rigg Emma Peel (65-8) Teresa (Tracy) DiVincenzo (OHMSS)
Joanna Lumly Purdey (New Avengers 76-7) “English Girl” (OHMSS)
Patrick MacNee John Steed (61-69, 76-77) Sir Godfrey Tibbett (A View to a Kill)

Christopher Lee “Never, Never say Die” Scaramanga (Man with the Golden Gun)
Julian Glover 4 episodes Kristatos (For Your Eyes Only)
Tania Mallet “The Midas Touch” (NA) Tilly Masterson (Goldfinger)
Burt Kwouk 3 episodes Mr. Ling (Goldfinger)
Spectre #3 (You Only Live Twice)
Chinese General (Casino Royale – 1967)
Guy Doleman “Six Hands Across a Table” Count Lippe (Thunderball)
Roy James Locke 3 episodes Vargas (Thunderball)
George Pravda “The Radioactive Man” Dr. Kutze (Thunderball)
Charles Underdown 2 episodes Air Marshall (Thunderball)
George Roubicek 2 episodes Astronaut (You Only Live Twice)
Stromberg Capt. (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Bernard Horsfall 3 episodes Campbell (OHMSS)
James Cossins “Pandora” Colthorpe (The Man with the Golden Gun)
Caroline Munro “Tammy”(NA) Guard (Casino Royale ’67)
Naomi (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Vernon Dobtcheff 3 episodes Max Kalba (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Steven Berkoff “The Gravediggers” Orlov (Octopussy)
Robert Brown “The Town of No Return” M (Octopussy}
M (A View to a Kill}
M (The Living Daylights)
M (License to Kill)
Willoughby Gray “You’ll Catch your Death” Dr. Carl Mortner (A View to a Kill)
James Villiers “Small Game for Big Hunters” Bill Tanner (For Your Eyes Only)

If you include the 1998 Avengers Movie
Sean Connery August de Wynter Bond
Ralph Fiennes John Steed Mallory (“M”) (Spectre)
M (No Time to Die)

Geoffrey Palmer!

Vladek Sheybal -* From Russia with Love*,* Casino Royale*, one episode of The New Avengers

Tracy Reed - Casino Royale, one episode of The Avengers

John Le Mesurier - Thunderball, Casino Royale, 2 episodes of The Avengers

Looking through IMDB, John Cleese and Bruce Boa apparently bickered over a Waldorf salad after acting on THE AVENGERS and before meeting 007.

Oh, and then there’s Eunice Gayson and Lois Maxwell.

You might want to read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, featuring a young James Bond and a younger Emma Peel.Later installments claim that Emma Peel and Barbara Mawdsley (M, as portrayed by Judi Densch) are the same person, but the series was pretty far off the rails by that point.

John Cleese was the one I thought of. On The Avengers, I think he was the caretaker of a registry of different makeup designs used by clowns. They were painted on eggshells. As you might imagine, he was a bit highly strung.

Bruce Boa seemed to specialize in playing swaggering Americans. He was commander of the Air Force base where Bond (disguised as a clown, oddly enough) defuses an atomic bomb during a circus performance in Octopussy. Had a memorable role in Full Metal Jacket, too.

John Steed’s authorised biography volume 1 Jealous In Honourcovers Steed’s childhood to early twenties. He was, apparently, at Eton together with Bond. They didn’t get on very well. They were both expelled, for very different reasons.

Boa was actually Canadian, but he also played an obnoxious American opposite Cleese in Fawlty Towers.

**EDIT: **As noted above. :frowning:

I’d never heard of this; I’ll have to look it up.

I like both shows, but…

I couldn’t see Steed liking Bond at all. Steed is all refined and style, and Bond is a blunt instrument.

Anyway, I pictured the thread about things like Steed and Bond working together to stop the Cybermen, or stopping killers that can punch through steel plate and deflect bullets with their hands. Or stopping rats the size of large cars in the London sewer.

Roger Moore, though.

Compared to Craig, Moore is a saint.


Cybernauts. To stop the cybermen, they would have to team up with Doctor Who.

You know, I thought it was wrong. Should have checked.

Still if we can have a James Bond/Dr Who crossover, the two of them can compare regenerations. “I didn’t know you were from Gallifey, too!”

Fun trivia about how a guy who acted in The Avengers was Double-O-Who.

I hadn’t stumbled acros this webpage before, but *The Avengers Forever website duly notes any actor in an episode of the Avengers who also appeared in a Bond film, and has a webpage devoted to the topic:


Looks like they missed Terry Richards.

Bumping because I just saw him in an episode of DOCTOR WHO and thought, hey, it’s that guy about Roy Stewart.