Patrick Macnee, The Avengers 'John Steed', RIP

Patrick Macnee has died at the age of 93.

I used to like watching The Avengers when I was little.

I guess he was needed.

Me too. RIP Mr. Steed.

I didn’t realize until now that there was such a big age difference between Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg (almost 17 years). She’s 76 now - I hope she’s doing well.

Was The Avengers the first British show to catch on in the U.S.?

Damn. Liked him in [BThe Avengers**. Like a lot of Avengers folk, he appeared in a Bond film – Moonraker.

I was really surprised when I heard his distinctive voice on the original Battlestar Galactica.

I got to see him live onstage. He played Andrew Wyke in Anthony Shaffer’s play Sleuth on Broadway. HE is who I think of when I read that play, not Laurence Olivier or Michael Caine. (They ran TV advertisements for the play on WOR TV 9 Secaucus/NYC during syndicated episodes of The Avengers. They knew their audience!)

She’s holding her own against Cersei Lannister.

I don’t know. What about Thunderbirds? (I was pretty young at the time.)

Steed and Peel. Did they ever…you know…?
I sure hope they did because they were both sexy as hell.

Did you see the way they looked at each other? (Do we have a smiley that means WOW?)

I think his career was hurt by his typecasting as Steed. Everybody thought of him as Steed. Everybody will always think of him as Steed. For an actor I’m sure that’s a legacy both horrible and wonderful.

Aw, that is sad! He was so cool as “Mr. Steed”! Loved his chemistry with Mrs. Peel – they really lit up the screen!

I suppose it’s just selective memory and confirmation bias, but wow there’s been a string of losses in the last few weeks.

He will be missed.

So sorry-Steed was incredibly cool. The show was a little crazy-Steed’s insane boss was over the top. But it was fast moving and well acted. I liked Steed’s 1924 Bentley car-while Mrs. peel drove a Lotus. The shows are still fun to watch-but the 1960s were a long time ago-it shows.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen any of the Avengers, but I do remember one episode where when someone was killed there was a quick little dance number.

He was the best part of the Bond flick “A View to a Kill” (which was, by and large, pretty awful. But at least his bits shone!)

The best parts of The Avengers were the intellectual pretensions. They gave you action and adventure, they gave you intrigue, and they also gave you something to think about. Steed and Peel were formidable because they were extremely well educated.

And doggone sexy too…

Heaven is a safer place today; the conspiracy of fallen angels to infiltrate the seraphic choir disguised as ejecta from ring nebulae will be trivial for him to foil.

That’s sad news.

Aside from what has been mentioned, I always liked his episode of Magnum, where he played an old friend and fellow MI-5 agent friend of Higgins, who thought he was Sherlock Holmes.

No. Mrs. Peel was still hoping for the return of her missing husband. When he actually did return (in the episode The Forget-Me-Knot) we see him (briefly at 49:03) dressed in a conservative but well tailored suit, wearing a bowler and carrying an umbrella.

RIP Sir Dennis. Tap into the Great Beyond!

I don’t think he minded being typecast. Possibly because he struck an excellent deal.

I, too, will miss him.

In an interview in the '70s, right after The New Avengers came out, MacNee put this issue to rest once and for all: Yes, Steed and Emma did do the nasty. They just took it for granted and never dwelled on it. (Though some of those episodes were laced with innuendo, like the one where the villain had a shrinking machine: “Tell me, Steed: Is everything to scale?”)

Yes, Peter Peel looked exactly like Steed from a distance; I believe he was played by MacNee as well.

One of my all-time favorite shows and characters. RIP!

I think that was a Tara King episode, the one with John Cleese and the clowns who were being murdered.

I think that was either ***Robin Hood ***or Ivanhoe, the latter starring Roger Moore.