Average number of organs donated by dead motorcyclist

What is the mean number of organs donated per biker killed in motorcycling accidents - including when the organs either weren’t or couldn’t be donated?

In particular, is it more or less than one?

I guess this would depend on how long after the accident motorcyclists tend to live.

My son died 2 months ago from a massive head injury from 20 foot fall (similar, I guess, to what a “classic” motorcycle accident might result in). Once he made it to the hospital, it was fairly apparent that he wouldn’t last long.

My wife and I requested that his organs be donated so that some parts of him would continue to live on. We talked with a company, Gift of Hope, and they said that they needed at least 24 to 48 hours lead time for organ donation to find and contact a recipient, organize transport, and setup an OR near the recipient. And the donor had to be technically alive when the organs are removed.

My son didn’t last that long, but they were able to use some other tissues, such as corneas and heart valves - even leg bones - for implantation in people with need of them.

We were told rather outright that they would take all they could get. So, more to your question: as long as they had recipients and enough lead time, a motorcyclist that lasted long enough would donate more than one organ.

Also, the Gift of Hope website has a lot of FAQs and other information.

I’m sorry to hear of your loss Shadowfyre. I do hope so much that his organs were of use to others helped at least a tiny part.