Average Salary for a Radiologist?

I’m debating wether or not to enter this field, it appears that this particular profession is likely to see more than average growth through 2012, which is likely to lead to a good job stability situation for this career.

What I can’t find is a reliable source for the average income I can expect to earn in the NYC tri state area. I get all sorts of various numbers, anyone know of a reliable source for such information?

Quick question: Are you interested in being a radiologist, or radiology technician? A radiologist is a doctor, whereas a radiology tech is just a technician, and thus doesn’t need to go to school for umpteen years. :stuck_out_tongue:

This place puts the average salary for a technician at about $42,000 a year.

Salary.com puts it in the NYC area between $62,000-$65,000.

I don’t know how accurate these numbers are, or where they get their data.

A radiologist, OTOH, will make much more, being a doctor and all (I think Salary.com had it in the mid $300,000 range.) But, well…again, doctor’s need lots fo schooling, and have lots of loans to pay back, and insurance to pay for, and so forth. Of course, if you’re all ready in school and deciding upon what speciality to be a doctor in, then you already know you this.

Definately talking about a Radiology Tech (can’t really afford 6 more years of school), though I plan on going to school for 2 years after that to further specialize.

Thanks for the links Bouv!