Averagecats.com: the lolcat's deadpan snarker brother

I don’t have much to say, but this site is utterly hilarious. The best I can describe it is what would happen if lolcats were captioned perfectly seriously, but that doesn’t quite describe it. See for yourself, hey, there’s kitties!

Funny, although I’m not sure why.

Yeah, I’ve brought this site up before here. I have to check out Average Cats every once in a while too. I like how a lot of the really funny I Can Haz Cheezburger entries are also in Average Cats in the same day, but with the anti-caption on them.

Thisis my current favorite of these sites.

O M G! I laughed so fucking hard! Godamnit that is some funny shit. Thank you.

I really liked the other site http://unrelatedcaptions.com/

It’s because cats tend to become photographed, and sometimes these photographic studies can become captioned by people. Although sometimes vice versa. Also because factual accuracy can be made to appear droll when it becomes carefully explained. E.g. when a box becomes sat within by a cat, and the resulting situation may or may not become photographed, the resulting photograph may become annotated with a brief description of the photographic subject. Such explanations always increase the humorous quotient of a situation.

Brilliant. I’ve waited 15 years to use a certain photo I took in Singapore, and now I have the perfect outlet.

The sign?