Son of a bitch! I'm addicted to lolcatz.

Why? WHY? The phenomenon represents most of what I hate about the web, misspellings and vapid cat pictures. Yet, the pairing of the two has somehow captured my attention. I feel very deep shame about this. I had a kitten (kitteh) a few months ago, but my roommate apparently has no soul and made me find her a new home.

I want a pet badly, but my roommate (who owns the place) is stubborn as hell about having one. Apparently his previous roomie had a dog that filled the yard with poop (as dogs will do) and the roomie failed to clean up after it. So, in his mind, pets are troublemakers instead of companions.

So, I have to live vicariously through other pet owners. Cats seem to have much more attitude than dogs, and can get into much more precarious situations. I’m a dog person, but I’m a sucker for a great lolcat picture. Apparently this phenomenon has been around for quite a while, yet I just stumbled upon it within the past few weeks. What else am I missing?

Bah! Kitteh. I want!

On you can upload your own or use an already uploaded picture to make your own lolcat pic.

I r alzo lolcatz adictx.

I love spelling and punctuation. Except on cats.

I keep using them as my desktop wallpaper. My own feline overlord is not amused. Do not want!

Yeah, I’m in it too. It upsets me, but Ive given up and accepted it.

I’d like to pretend that the only lolcats I like are in the highbrow ironic lolcat genre, like this one.

But in reality, this one made me snort things out my nose.

Son of a bitch! Now I’m addicted to lolcatz, too! Never heard of 'em before this evil, evil morning. So I hadda go googling “lolcat”, which led me to Wiki, then I hadda, I just hadda google “lolcatz”–and now there is no escape for me. I am doomed.

Dnooman, you bastard. From hell’s deepest lolcat blog, I curse you…


This is one of my recent favourites.

Don’t worry about it. Be like Buddha Cat.

yeah, I’m pretty hooked, too, and pretty embarrassed. I’ve had no problem telling people that I won’t write them back unless they write better grammar, and then I go and click on that stupid website. :smack: What is wrong with me?

Me’s too. :frowning:

I love 'em. Haven’t got anyone else addicted, but I check the site daily for new lolcatz.

I am careful not to let it affect my masculinity, and manliness.

Honest. I never ever look at that site and laugh, or make little kitty noises.


I’m lying

I hate cats, and I hate bad web spelling, but damned if I don’t have Cheezburger on my RSS.

I have my own start page with my favourite sites.


I don’t even like cats.

I like this one (OH NOES! Someone is taked my “braaaaiiinnnssss” favorite.!)

ET fix dumb coding. :confused:

Ah, crap. I’m hooked.

My desktop picture (and I can’t find it online now) shows a group of kittens in a blue bowl. The caption:

were in ur oatmeal
balancin ur breakfast

Yeah, lolcats have been around for some time now, but there’s something about bad spelling of phrases well-suited to the image they’re pasted over that makes me giggle. Some of my favourites:

No, Mr. Bond…
I made you a cookie…
Oh Lawd!
Monorail (animated)
Excuse me…

That made me laugh!

I like this one. I’m also fond of monorail cats. Hell, this whole site is good

this is good, but this is better, and this
made me hurt myself laughing.

Have you seen this?