SDMB lolcatz

On you can go in and recaption the photos. I say we go in and make SDMB related lolcatz!

Like this. And this. And also this.

Anyone else want to play along?

I love the last one with the cookies, that one made me giggle. If I can think of any I’ll post 'em up…I’ve made a few, but they’re not SDMB-related.

How bout this?

And this?

Or this?

And this.

Here’s mine :smiley:

My first humble contribution:

And another!

Here my first ever LOLcatz…

That was LOL funny!

and my first LOLZcat

And another!

I’m back again:

This explains a lot, actually!

Here ya go!

Moar!! Moar!!1!

I LOVE it!


My critters are an endless supply of humor.


thx. [[[hug]]]

Gotta keep at it!

You’re really on a roll there, keep 'em coming!