Lolcatize the SDMB!

Obviously things like “Hi Opal!” “I burning your dog” “Og SMASH!” and “1920’s style death ray” are already perfect captions for cat macros…but what are some more?

I iz eetin ur stoopid food fer brekfast

  1. O hai Opal

I made this a while back:

How about:

IANAL kthxbai

How about: Gotcha ya!

When come bak bring cheezburger.
Elmwood, you are breeeeeeliant!


Second props to elmwood. I will henceforth use that wording exclusively!

If I were a mod, I would probably say things like “I’m in ur thread, movin’ it to IMHO” or whatever seemed appropriate. Probably helps explain why I’m not a mod.

I can has f p d with 14 k of g?

I can has 1920’s style death ray.

I can has ladle in my…

oh, sorry autolycus… couldn’t resist

I recall a recent one about “punching someone in the cock”, but am too inbibed to search for it.

Also a classic about ELO music, but again…

I made u a bird
but I shooted it



Dear God, this is going to be my entire night now, thanks.

There’s gotta be something like Gizoogle for lolcatz…

-Rugger has been kidnapped, and does not condone this post.

Please don’t.