Lolcatize the SDMB!

Nothing relevant to the SDMB but look at this pic & my suggested lolcat.

What pic? U no has linky? :slight_smile:

Oh no, not that question again.

And now a game of guess the Doper:

This guy has already been mentioned.

This guy was my favorite now departed Doper.

Something** fishy** happened to him a little while back.

And of course, even as an lolcat he’s still the most serious guy around.

:smack: D’oh!

Oh, can you tell I’m bored at work yet?

Everyone’s favorite new condiment.

Who hasn’t tried this before?

And a little on the touchey side.

What, no “I can has cite?” yet? For shame.

Check out the links in post #4.

Invisible Citation!

My pointles stuf. Let me show it to you.

See the second image in my post … waaaay above yours.

Another oldie but goodie.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but

I laughed.

I can has more kittee pix?

This thread is a “Masturbating like a Motherfucker” joke just waiting to happen…

I can has 18" DH IB J D?

I’m surprised nobody’s come up with a sheep joke yet. :smiley:

The lolcrap. It burns. Why am I doing this
It’s kinda fun though…

So am I…

Ceiling cat is watching me masturbate like a motherfucker.

Ceiling Cecil…

  • not great, don’t have photoshop at work. Paint is not my friend.

HA! That’s awesome!

*EDIT: Thought of one…

i brought u pie

but i eated it