AVG Configuration on Windows

I recently installed the paid version of the AVG anti-virus software, and my system slowed to a freaking crawl. I know I need to upgrade to a newer computer (I’m still running Windows XP), but it’s the slow season at the bookstore and I’d just as soon put capital equipment purchases off until spring.

When I say, “slow,” I mean it. Like taking 11 seconds to minimize a Firefox window and redraw the desktop.

I’ve searched the massively inadequate documentation on AVG, and it seems that they are intentionally making it as difficult as possible to partially disable the program, so I’m coming to you for help.

How can I disable all of the realtime features (except the firewall), and just leave the scheduled scans that I have set up for the middle of the night?

This happened to me, you want to make sure you get rid of “link checker” and “email checker” this will greatly speed it up. Remember with link checker it’s literally checking the links on each page, so you can see why it’s so slow.

So you need to disconnect those but then you will get a message saying “system might not be protected.”

Or you can uninstall it and reinstall and choose NOT to install link checker and email checker.

I recently swtiched from AVG Free to Microsoft Security Essentials and like this one better

AVG does this. That’s why I recommend people don’t use it.

Thanks, Markxxx, I’ll try that.

It was my understanding you couldn’t use Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP, so it wouldn’t be an option for me.

Install Process Lasso to stop AVG from hogging the CPU. I’ve used it in the past on slower machines that had AVG on them. It will make sure other programs get to execute when there is a resource hog.

It runs on XP SP3.

I second this. I used AVG for years, but it just became a bloated pig. Don’t waste your time fighting with it. Ditch it for MSE.