AGV, What did I do WRONG?

I installed AGV 9 on this computer. I had AGV 7 prior that was several years out of date, I didn’t use this computer on internet very much, but now have broad band and a wireless adapter.
Anyway now that the anti-virus program is installed and saying that I am protected, my computer speed is gone. It is so slow that after clicking on any URL, or application i might as well go and make a pot of tea. And I mean make, not just go and pour a cup:(.
This is been going on 2 days as I installed the program yesterday and it took 2.5 hrs to run a full scan, then reported back that there are no threats nothing.

I set the updates to max time and 0300hrs and stopped all scans twice. still very slow.
What is really getting me is I need to get a anti-virus program for the desk-top:eek:

The problem is that AVG 9 (and other current anti-virus programs) will just slow older computers (I’d say Pentium III and below) past the point where they won’t be usable.

Anti-virus programs work (in a simplified manner) by intercepting everything and inspecting it. For a computer that’s barely fast enough to get by without one, this is going to make it unacceptably slow. In addition, having the anti-virus program loaded in memory takes space away from other programs, leading to “swapping”, where stuff gets shuffled from memory to disk and back as needed.

The best solution (assuming the above describes your situation) is a newer, faster computer (faster CPU, more memory).

If that isn’t practical at the moment, you might try a search with the keywords “small footprint antivirus” to see what other anti-virus alternatives (both free and paid - the paid ones usually have a free trial period) would be a better match.

One last thing - make sure you really only have one anti-virus/anti-spyware program installed (look in the start menu and Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs, and ask here if you’re not sure what something is). While there may be some benefit in running multiple products, in your case the computer isn’t fast enough and whatever else you might have left over from 2 years ago is outdated anyway.

AGV consums a lot of resources. It a big fat pig. The only free antivirus I know of that is reasonable on resource usage for older computers is Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus

Thanks Terry & Harmon,
That is what I had suspected. This is a P 4, and there probably is another spy ware program running.
I will take advantage of the 30 refund on AGV.

Again thank you.

The problme is the AVG link scanner and the AVG email scanner. I’ve never seen a computer where it doesn’t slow the computer to a crawl. And this makes since since AVG is scanning every link before it allows you to view the page.

Go to AVG main panel called “Overview” and right click on “Link Scanner” and check “ignore…”

Do the same thing for “Email Scanner” and you should see a vast difference. If not try rebooting your computer, then you should be good to go.

Ah BTW don’t pay for AVG, the free version of AVG is good enough

Ah. AVG, not AGV. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I was going to recommend. I’m running it right now on my 1.8Ghz. I augment it by running in a limited user account, and a program called Process Guard, which adds a layer of protection by not allowing programs to run unless you explicitly allow them. I might also recommend sandboxing your web browser (see the third post in the sticky), but that’s a bit more advanced. None of these programs should significantly slow down your computer.

I also agree with Markxxx’s recommendation to try shutting off AVG features you don’t need. Antiviruses are having to add a lot of features for people who aren’t intelligent about their computer use. Web Shield and Email Scanner are pointless if you make sure you scan any downloads before you run them (Heck, webmail like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail do it for you.) Phishing protection can be handled by not disabling your address bar from disappearing, and not following links to get to sites that want personal or credit information.

The rest of the web based stuff can be handled by using Firefox and the appropriate security extensions. Noscript is probably the best, but Noflash and Adblock Plus do a pretty good job as well. Add the programs I mentioned above and you’re set. (Avira excluded, as running two antiviruses is stupid.)

That leaves Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Game Mode, and Update Manager. Keep 'em all if you can. (I hear Game Mode has some problems.) I think Anti-Spyware might be okay to disable if you are sandboxing, as long as you clear the sandbox before you submit any personal info and do a manual scan every once in while.

Finally, practice good Internet hygiene. Avoid seedy sites. Download from only trusted sources. Never believe an Internet ad saying that you might have a virus. Make sure your firewall and antivirus are up to date. And keep your important stuff backed up, just in case.

I do practice good Internet hygiene
I will try your suggestions to the best of my limited ability.:slight_smile:
Thank You:):slight_smile:

I am dyslexic.
Most of my mistakes are caught by Firefox (I love firefox).
But go ahead and pick on us dyslexics if your ODC compels you to do it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I did have the free version.
I was under the assumption that I should buy the service then if I liked it. That is why I ran A-V-G 7 for years.
Then again I did try and download the free version recently and wasn’t able a second time:dubious:

It’s not you, since they went to version 9 they make it, for lack of a better word, “tricky” to find the Free version of it. They keep wanting you to install the paid version unless you check the right thing and look close.

A great program to use to uninstall things is called Revo Unistaller

This is a free program that is excellent and will get rid of all the files. The only thing I recommend is once you get it installed, look in the options. Before Revo Uninstaller uninstalls a program it makes a restore point. This is great but if you uninstall a lot of programs or don’t want to do that, just go in the options section and disable “make a restore point” and you can uninstall without doing that.

You might want to uninstall AVG with Rev Uninstaller then reinstall the free verison. That might help you, if start over from scratch.