avian personality changes

This past week I got a new job working swing shift. My pet cocatiel, Parker Charles Yardbird, who has had the most vile, rotten personality you could ever find in a feathered friend (fiend) has suddenly become all love and affection. When I was working days, he never seemed to want anything to do with me, except in the unholy hours of the morning when I was still trying to sleep. Then he would wake me up sqwaking to have his feathers scratched, but once he’d gotten enough, he would go back to hissing and biting. Now, I get up in the late morning or the afternoon, open the shades and he comes out of his cage and says “Hi’ya toots” hops up onto my finger and lets me cuddle and pet him to my hearts content.
BTW, he hadn’t always had a vile personality. When I first got him, he was my baby. He was on my shoulder from the moment I got home from work until I went to bed at night. Then I took a second job on weekends, and I think he got pissed off that I wasn’t spending as much time with him, because that’s when he turned mean. But when I went back to only one job, he stayed mean. For three years he stayed mean, now he’s all sweetness again.

What gives here? Why all of a sudden does my bird seem to like me?

In my experience you will never know why a bird does things. They are always changing their minds about how they think of you . One minute your gods gift the next your the worst in the world.

Oh well , enough of my rambling . As to your problem with the feathered variety I don’t have a clue . :slight_smile:

Parakeet owner speaking here with a WAG:

Parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, etc. are tremendously social creatures, and very bright. They really do languish without companionship of some kind, and they really do pay attention to what goes on in the home around them.

He knows you’re home, but for some reason you aren’t speaking to him. It’s driving him crazy. When you finally do appear, in the afternoon, he’s very anxious to re-establish your rapport.

I have two parrots, and they have odd mood cycles. It seems to depend on our schedules, the weather, the phases of the moon- whatever strikes them!

I imagine your birdie is happier with your new schedule. Enjoy him!

As mentioned, birds are strange. They are very social, and very habitual.

I knew someone with one of the most loving cockatoos you’ve ever seen. Until they put up new curtains in the birds room. The bird became homicidal. Until they put the old curtains back.

A fun book to read is: Birds on the Couch: The Bird Shrink’s Guide to Keeping Polly from Going Crackers and You Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest.

More anecdotal than prescriptive, but a fun read for those familiar with the fickleness of birds.