Aviation Learning Center


Since I’m inactive, I don’t keep up with the FAA as much as when I was flying. But I just got an email with the magic word: Helicopter. There are three helicopter courses (‘Controls, Systems, and Limitations’, ‘Helicopter - General and Flight Aerodynamics’, and ‘Helicopter - Weight & Balance, Performance’), so I might just get some review in. There’s lots of other information there as well.

If you’re not already registered, you’ll need to in order to access the courses.

Thank You, I’ve signed up for the “Know your Airspace” course.

Whenever I hear ‘know your airspace’ I can’t help but think of John and Martha King’s videos. ‘Class B airspace. Think “Boeing”! “Big”!’ (And ‘C’ is for ‘Communication’, ‘D’ is for ‘Dialog’, ‘E’ is for ‘Elsewhere’, and ‘G’ is for ‘Go for it!’)

I haven’t signed up for the heli courses yet. During the day I get distracted by the Olympics, and in the evening I don’t want to start anything.

Thanks Johnny L.A. I got the FAASafety email too. I’ve been meaning to get seriously cracking on my instrument rating (I’ve pretty much got the hours, just need the written, and to get my confidence back!), so I can use all the reminders/ motivation I can get!