Aw, man, no American Idol thread? (wildcard show)

What was up with Cowell today? And that they’re picking four instead of two is hardly a “twist”. AND, why did they get to sing to more than just a piano?

Kimberly – enh. She kinda blew it, flattened a lot of notes. Pity that. She looked good though, if uber-tan.

Clay – rock on! He still has a theatrical quality to his voice, but dangit, I like him. I think he was great.

Carmen – I dunno why they were so hard on her, I thought she did a pretty good job for a pop song. Cute and perky and all that.

Aliceyn – Okay, her name’s spelled all goofy, but I think she has a sweet, lovely voice. Paula was right (for once!) – pick another song for chrissakes!

Chip – Whoo, Chip! I love that song, and he did a good job with it. His “personality” seemed a little forced, but his voice is smooth, so I dig him. One good thing about the backing track was that he got to sing this song.

Janine – Hot as all get out but not much of a voice.

Olivia – Hot as all get out but not much of a voice.

Nasheka – Still boring.

Trenyce – I am very happy with Miss Trenyce. Good song and she didn’t do that damned growly thing with her voice – she was fantastic.

So: I say judges will pick Clay, Chip and Trenyce, and votes will bring back Kimberly.

Jeez. I sound like a breathless, brainless twit in that post. Perfect!

I really liked Clay. What a voice!

Chip sounded pretty good. The outfit still wasn’t all that. He should wear something with a little more color. Maybe red. Either that or go the all black route. The shirt he had looked like all wrong for him. It looked like he was missing a pocket protector (not that there’s anything wrong with that) instead of looking like an American Idol. He’s got a nice enough voice, but someone really needs to talk to him about image.

I agree with Gundy. I thought they were a little too hard on Carmen. She sounded better than some of the other folks. Plus, she’s cute so that’s gotta help her.

Treyence and Clay had the best performances. Janine doesn’t have a very strong voice, but the camera loves her. She’s got gorgeous eyes and she does that little eyebrow thing that’s very sexy. I still don’t think she’ll make it to the next round.

I predict Treyence, Clay, and Chip will move on. I’m going to say Carmen for my other pick and that’s mostly because I thought her sound was a little different than everyone else. She’s kinda got that Cher quivering voice thing.

Agreed for the most part. But Chip is still a mushmouth - I half-expected him to segue into “Fee Times a Waby”. Trenyce shouted more than sang, but did better than last time.

Only Clay left me wanting to hear more, and Aliceyn too to some degree. The rest were so-whats.

Well, one of better shows this time! I was a bit more impressed than normal! Anyway:

Kimberly Caldwell: I KNEW she’d go first! She looked ABSOLUTELY stunning! Plus, she was much better this time. I didn’t cringe or shrudder as she had a better song choice. She’s one of those who whether I liked it or not simply depended on each individual performance. This time, I generally liked it.

Clay Aikin: Like Kimberly, he picked a better song, Again, I generally liked it, but a little more than I liked Kimberly’s. I think they’re on the same wavelength though.

Nakesha: AAAAAHHH!! I KNOW you didn’t sing “Wind Beneath my Wings!” Some songs should only be sang by the original artists and this is one of them. Nakesha chose poorly. She dressed poorly too. Her dress looked like it came from an Army store. Overall, no! Just no.

Carmen: HEEE!! What a cute, casual look. However, her shoes with the pants make her legs look stick thin. Anyway, she didn’t do anything for me. I’m with Simon.

Olivia: Looks cute, but OI!! Another bad song choice! Weak! NO ONE SINGS A CELINE DION SONG, EXCEPT FOR CELINE DION!!! Beyond that, weak is the only word I could come up with.

Janine: Geez, another bad song choice. She was better than the previous three, but that’s not good enough for me. I bet Kimberly C. Could have sang this song though. Maybe…heh. Anyway, I agreed with the judges.

Chip: Not too bad! Among the better ones tonight and to think I didn’t like him at all when he last performed. Fairly good.

Aliceyn: Quite good. Again, among the better. She got off on some parts though and that made me frown. Pretty much what Simon said, “Good job”, but that’s it. I HATE her necklace. Bleagh.

Treyence: WOW! Just WOW! She improved greatly! I thought she was the best tonight! She is THE ONE for the Wild Card show. Yea, my vote goes to her. She would have looked better in all black though.

Anyway, the standout performances were Kimberly, Clay, Chip, Aliceyn and Treyence. Since only four will go, I think it will be Kimberly, Clay, Aliceyn and Treyence, with Treyence making it through the popular vote. If there’s any other outcome, I will honestly be surprised and that’s rare.

I have the biggest crush on Clay ever right now.

He sounded amazing.

I like:

Janine, Kimberly, and Olivia

Not because they were the best singers, but because they make my pants go crazy!

WHY were these people allowed a much fuller arrangement than the previous lots? These people had drums, guitars and if I heard right…some backing vocals? Doesn’t really seem fair compared to the other auditions.

I’m going with Clay, Aliceyn, Treyence and Chip.

I really only liked Clay. I really liked him though. I wish they could give him all 4 spots.

I saw a news blurb (on E!) last night where they said some AI contestant got into a bar fight with a 30 something guy, punched him, head hit ground, guy died. How does that fit into the contest? (I’ve never watched this show and am not likely to, but didn’t know that they were killing people)

KIMBERLEY CALDWELL - She was a half note below the tune, which is too bad. She got ripped off in Week 1, but sadly, wasn’t at the top of her game last night. There still seems to be a “I think she’s like totally such a bitch cuz of the 3 minutes of edited footage I saw a month ago” vibe going on, so she’ll lose the vote, maybe.

CLAY AIKEN - Best of the night by a country mile. Maybe the best voice in the entire competition, great stage presence. He’ll be picked by the judges.

CARMEN RASMUSSEN - I thought she sang poorly. Her voice is a little choked. I don’t understand why she was brought all the way back from the first cut. Baffles me.

CHIP DAYS - Generally solid performance; I liked him and I like his song choice, which is saying something, since 80% of them pick bad songs. Still, he lacks power. He might skate through.

ALICEYN COONEY - “Aliceyn”? A few weeks ago a Doper started a thread about “what should I name my daughter,” and he was mulling over different spellings of “Allison.” Thankfully, he agreed that “Alison” or “Allison” are the only humane choices.

Anyway… Aliceyn Cooney has a magnificent voice. She sang “Angel” better than Sarah McLachlan. But why oh why would you sing the SAME DAMNED SONG you sang at every other audition? What was she thinking? Might get voted in, as she had the second best voice after Clay Aiken, but she may have blown it with yet another awful song choice. She did herself no favors.

JANINE FALSONE - Looks just like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sings about as well, too.

OLIVIA MOJICA - Looks just like Tea Leoni. Sings about as well, too. Was her mike working? Her voice sounded very quiet.

NASHEKA - Between the beginning of the show and now, about four or five contestants have mysteriously lost their last names. Do you think they’re in a Lost and Found bx somewhere? Anyway, Ms. Siddall has a fine voice but she has absolutely no emotion or stage presence. Good singer, bad performer. Sayonara.

TRENYCE - See last name comment above. Started off rough but she finished great; terrific power and lots of emotion. She was ripped off in Week 1, too; the choices that week should have been her and Kimberley Caldwell, rather than Charles Grigsby and Julie DeMato. She’ll get through on a judges’ pick.

So my predictions for tonight:

Judges Pick: Clay Aiken. Trenyce, and Chip Days
Fans Pick: Aliceyn Cooney

ShibbOleth, I found the article you were talking about:
E!Online and The Smoking Gun.
I don’t remember Jaered Andrews from the previous episodes; does anyone recall what he sang?

As for the Wild Card folks, Clay is my favorite. He’s certainly got musical theater roots and unfortunately can’t escape physical comparisons to Rick Astley, but he sounded incredible last night. Chip was okay, and I think he’ll probably make it to the next round, but will have to work his ass off to get further than that. None of the women really impressed me much (apart from looking terrified, and I could barely hear Olivia), so I’d probably have to agree with the majority of folks in this thread and say it’ll be Clay, Chip, Trenyce, and Kimberly.

Thanks Judith Prietht! I looked after I posted, couldn’t find a cite. The way things are going this morning I was just stopping in to apologise and post a retraction. My memory for bizarre, useless stuff caught in my periphery never ceases to amaze me.

I, too, wondered where the musical accompaniment and backup singers came from! Very strange to give the runners-up an extra boost that the kids in the first four semi-final shows did not have.

I liked Clay and Chip a lot. Thought the girls as a group were pretty much sucky. Trenyce scared me! She looks like a guy in drag (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and she sang like a Banshee. Only good thing in her favor was that she didn’t have 4-inch-long fingernails. I’m sure she’ll go on to the final group, but she still scares me!

Kimberly Caldwell. Well, since Day One she’s seemed to have this I’m-a-Shoo-In attitude. . . and she’s not a Shoo-In as we’ve already learned. I don’t think she’s that good looking and she’s not a terrific singer. But I think Simon is in love with her and I think she’ll make it into the final group.

So, who the heck is Simon getting engaged to??

I assume on the four picks that the person who gets the most public votes but who isn’t picked by the judges moves on. I’m guessing the judges will pick Clay, Kimberly, and Trenyce. Kimberly because of her look and earlier performances, Trenyce because Randy and Paula liked last night’s performance, and Clay because he is consistently good. I think the fans will vote for Clay, Trenyce, and Chip so the fourth person to move on will be Chip. I think Paula’s comments about Alecyn will hurt her chances. Frankly, I didn’t remember that she kept singing the same song over and over until Paula brought it up, but that then gave me a more negative impression on Alecyn’s performance.

I don’t know how it could have been avoided, but I did think it was kind of hypocritical when they said at the beginning of the show that everyone was starting at an equal footing no matter how far they had gotten in the show, then the judges tell Kimberly that the impression they had of her from her past performance would help her out.

Kimberly really rubs me the wrong way–she just seems incredibly phony and her singing does nothing for me.


I mean, Carmen?! She was okay, but Chip was way better, and so was Nasheka.

I agree that Chip was robbed. . . but I think they had to even out the number of girls in the final group. The first bunch was way heavy on boys this time and I think they wanted 6 girls and 6 boys. So, since Clay won the popular vote, I think each judge had to pick A GIRL to make the tally come out even!

Carmen will probably be one of the first contestants to be eliminated. Talk about your sacrificial lambs! She couldn’t even really get into her little song tonight. Yikes! (But she’s cute in a sweet sort of way. She doesn’t scare me.)

When the hell are they going to stop making these kids sing like fucking lounge acts?

STOP WITH THE 70’s AND 80s BALLADS. No one wants to hear them anymore. I 'll bet none of these kids had ever sung any of these songs before coming on this show. If I hear I will always love you again I will buttf**k the TV.