Aw, man, no American Idol thread? (wildcard show)

I think the only thing that Simon was thinking was that since Clay would be picked anyway, why not Carmen?

I agree that she’ll be the first eliminated though. With Corey(hopefully) second.

God they drag this shit out. They take 15 minutes worth of show and turn it into an hour long bore.

Did anyone else catch the really super-white part when they were unable to understand Randy’s ghetto slang like “dog” and “homey g”? TV rules.

Clay won’t get picked. We will find out in another minute but he aint gonna make it. He looks like an elf.

Yeah, I agree that they probably wanted to even out the number of girls v. boys, but they still could have picked Nasheka over Carmen.

Clay made it, unsurprisingly:

Randy: Kimberley Caldwell
Paula: Trenyce
Simon: Carmen Rasmussen
Fan Vote: Clay Aiken

No surprises except for Carmen Rasmussen. Simon… I almost always agree with his comments, but his CHOICES are just absurd. Rasmussen was just not up to par. A terrible choice. If he wanted to pick for POTENTIAL, Aliceyn Cooney would have been a vastly better pick.

Simon probably thought that Carmen was hot, so why not let her go on ;).

I agree with Rickjay.

And I think Clay is going to go all the way to top 3, no problem.

I think Clay and the Marine guy have been the most impressive of all that I’ve seen, but I doubt that they will let two dudes be the final contestants (or was it a final three? I forget).

And I agree that Janine looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I really wish she had a better voice, because I would love to see her every week for the duration of the show.


He has been the only contestant, so far, that has totally rocked my world. I think his voice is amazing. Despite the fact that he doesn’t look like the ‘average pop star’, I think he deserved to make the top 3 in this competition.

Oh, Gundy, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Nasheka-bot was like the Singer-of-the-Living-Dead! A little kid breathily singing “Jesus Loves Me” would be a better contestant than Nashek-bot.

I agree that she’s a bit on the personality-free side, but I liked Nasheka’s voice better than Carmen’s.

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