Awe, come on Fox, why you no want to talk about Romney?

Heh, on MSNBC this morning, all they can talk about is Mitten’s gaffes across the pond.

So I switched over to Fox to see how they would spin it.

Apparently, all they can do is talk about anything BUT Romney. :smiley:

Not ranting, it just makes for good schadenfreude is all.

I came across the hashtag #AmericanBorat and got caught literally laughing out loud at work. Funny shit right there.

This election is being phrased by some as vote for one of:

  1. Obama.
  2. The other guy.

The qualifications, background, finances, intelligence, etc. of #2 doesn’t matter. In fact, the less said the better.

(This is why early polls of Incumbent vs. non-Incumbent usually show the non-Incumbent doing better than they end up. Once the other candidate becomes better known, the weaker supporters drift away.)

I googled ‘‘Fox news romney olympics’’ earlier this morning, and I did find an article about this incident. It wasn’t particularly flattering, either.

I can’t find it now.

They must have a full squad of reporters following his trip and ready to report on his triumphs. Now they have to fill that air time with something else. Money down the drain for FoxNews.

I have in my hand the world’s tiniest violin…

Really? It was right at the top of google.

Weird seeing Fox repeating such things about the anti-bama. Could it be fair and balanced reporting?

Their online news tends to be much more straight forward than the network. But all of the major news outlets are mostly talking heads and opinion anyway.

In a Rupert Murdoch building, losing money probably means someone has to get fired to make up for it. Lucky guy.