Good job, Fox almost kept a straight face!

One little chuckle by the reporter gave away the game.

The best part is the elderly couple in the background. That, and the derisive laughter from the entire room as the reporter attempted his pathetic spin. But seriously, I’m glad he didn’t manage to keep a straight face while trying to report that as a “split.” That would have been just too ridiculous.

For those of us without sound, what’s the gist?

Did the reporter say that a room full of Obama supporters was split?



tdn, the reporter asked for show of hands from McCain supporters. Like two people raised their hands. Then for a show of hands from Obama supporters. Everybody else’s hand went up. He then turned back to the camera and with (almost) a straight face, said that it was about split. You can hear people laughing in the background.

How embarrassing.

I can’t watch it at work, but I did at home. The reporter was in a diner of some sort, and said to the effect of (all paraphrasing), “I’ll just ask the room here. Who’s voting for McCain?” Not a single hand went up (that was in the shot). “Who’s voting for Obama?” Every single hand went up, including one woman in the background, who put up both hands.

“The vote is split here, back to you.”


He called the vote a “split.” The others in the little cafe thought that was pretty funny and you could hear them laughing in the background.

@Ms. Whatsit:

I only saw ONE person who raised his hand for McCain, and his wife kept trying to pull it down. They BOTH raised their hands for Obama. NO ONE in that room planned on voting for McCain (except maybe the reporter).

See? Voter fraud by Democrats is a real problem.

Actually, when he asked who was voting for McCain, two hands shot up, but one was an old man who had his hand slapped down by his wife next to him. He put it up again when the reporter asked who was voting for Obama. Too funny.

ETA: Gah, I need to type faster.

fair and balanced…

The media are whores. I’m laughing over here, but the thing is, they want controversy. They thrive on it and if they can’t find, they will manufacture it. Both “sides” do this (I tend to think of the press more like sharks-they’ll prey on whomever and as soon as there is blood in the water–look out). Those reporters who were respectful and courteous can (and do) turn on a dime as soon as a fact comes to light or they sense a shift in public opinion. But they also will try very hard to make any story have (at most) 3 sides–and that’s a reach. 2 sides or less most often…

I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing, but it’s something to keep in mind at all times.

Huh. And that was here in PA? Well, I’ll be damned.

My best friend’s brother was over the other day.

“Hey neutron, you gonna be voting?” he asked.


“For who?”

“Well, Obama,” I said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world (it is).

“Even though he’s Black?” he gasped.

“Jesus Christ! He’s still a person!”

“Yeah, but even though he’s Black with a name like that?!”


If we end up with McCain, we fucking deserve him. :frowning:

No we don’t.

Well, some of us do. But not me. I’m for Obama.

Damn, I missed that. I was looking for McCain hands, and didn’t see any.

They’re in the back of the room.

But just off camera… a Dem campaign supporter is seen, handing out $10 bills and coupons for a free lunch!

Just kidding. :smiley:

I thought my mom’s response was even funnier: she asked if I knew he was black.

What this “we” shit, paleface?

I fucking hate this collective guilt thing, and Democrats do it all the time. It’s passive-aggressive and moronic and whiny. Makes me glad to be an unaffiliated voter.

THAT’s the part I loved most:D.

Of course, the reporter was just showing the customers what the act of raising their hands would look like:rolleyes:

A definite split