Awesome predictions on economy

From the futurist.

2008-09 : A severe US recession and global slowdown still results in global economic growth falling no lower than 3% a year.

2016 : The Dow Jones Industrial Average surpasses 25,000
and so on…
What do dopers think ??

Well, it would be nice- but I’m not holding my breath.

  1. Is fairly plausible, 2) is not, unless we get another .com-type bubble (and, of course, we’d have the same crash afterwards).

July 2009: Dow goes to 40, hemlines so low women trip on own feet, kidnapping replaces lending as banks’ main business, big bands come back, schoolkids walk both ways uphill. In snow. In July.

October 2009: Kidnap victims’ families refuse to pay ransom so victims become toxic investments.

Dow goes to -1.

The DJIA will close at exactly 8008. Everyone at the NYSE will laugh in unison for about a minute.