Awesome Vietnam Pictures From Denver Post!

Wow! What a pictorial. This takes a little while to download even with broadband, but its well worth it. Lots of vintage pictures with narratives explaining who, when, and where they were taken. Looking back 35 years, Vietnam.

This Denver Post publication really puts out some quality images!

Thank you. Great link/photos.

Scary stuff. Great link.

Wonderful photos. Thanks.


Picture #105: I was surprised to find out a few years ago that Kim Phuc now lives in Ajax, Ontario.

Wow some of those were really hard to look at but I’m glad I did.

Picketing signs were so much more official looking back then. They all look professionally printed and everything.

Made me cry. My dad was a baby (18) in the middle of all that mess.

Welcome home, all you Vietnam vets.

That dumping group of Artillery cases was mind blowing.

Does anyone know what kind of cameras and lenses were used to take those pictures? (Obviously there were different kinds.) What did news photographers in Vietnam generally carry with them?

#66 and 67: There were a lot of young men who were there at the rallies to support our involvement in Vietnam. I wonder how many of them ended up actually volunteering to go…

The Hell’s Angels volunteered for the war. They were rejected because most of them had criminal records.

Learn something new everyday.

I was just thinking about how #95 looked like the Kent State photo (but stronger, IMHO) when I ran across #104.

Lots of them were heartbreaking, but #97 was particularly so.

Little known fact about the Kent State shootings: two of the four students who were killed had absolutely nothing to do with the protest, and were just walking to class. One of them, William Schroeder, was even an ROTC cadet.

I thought that was common knowledge. I learned that in high school.

I didn’t know that.

Honestly, the shootings didn’t get taught at all.

Picture #32 is of the company I was with in Vietnam, Golf Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines.

I believe it was taken during Operation Pararie in September 1966.

The same picture is on a website I keep for our company. It’s at

That’s what I thought too. Its so vast.

Interesting how on MLK Day not much talk about his anti-war stance…