John Kerry and 8mm camera

Does anyone know how John Kerry came to have that 8mm camera with him in Vietnam? And who is filming as he is walking around after the battle?

According to this Drudge Report (take it for what you will) Kerry bought the camera at a PX at Cam Ranh Bay. I don’t know who was filming him.

8mm cameras were cheap and plentiful in those days, even moreso at an overseas PX.

The Drudge Report is not exactly a reliable news source. Mr. Drudge freely admits he doesn’t have the time or resources to fact-check stories before he runs them.

The story of the “swift boat veterans” is rather controversial, and a web search will soon show you a wide variety of viewpoints. It would be hasty to make up your mind after seeing only one.

Just to clarify, I wasn’t offering up Drudge for any purpose other than the location of the camera purchase. It was the only cite I found after checking about a half-dozen that gave a location for the camera purchase. I make no comment on Drudge’s reliability in general beyond what I already said, nor do I make any comment about the veracity of the report itself.